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  1. Am I missing something here? The PC releases were not bad. They’re not the most optimized PC games (unlike H3, honestly) but nothing compared to the first launch.
  2. Ideally forgers should just yeet those maps out of the game.
  3. In that game it made sense. You have to crouch shoot and actually position with the rifle. You also have tele-rushes with SMG's or NinjaTroll strats. Not everyone was running the same gun but in Reach it was all over the place. I was penalized for having good aim and that blew chunks. You also had a pistol that was worth a damn if you needed it in close range. SR handled bloom very well and Reach didn't. IMO of course.
  4. I hate bloom so I'll take anything over that. Like... I REALLY HATE BLOOM.
  5. I was talking about the visuals. Some OG Xbox games aged pretty well versus others and for some reason, H2 doesn't stick out to me. See how I can have a mature response and not be a total tool? Oh well
  6. Thematically I think Halo 5 stood out for some of the maps but I totally get what you’re saying because some maps looked like they could have had a touch more flair.
  7. Halo 2 didn’t age well. I say this begrudgingly as an H2 fan but even then H3 is better than the ugly grey Reach maps. v7 was good though.
  8. This was a fun event to work. Being able to chill out and do some of the show match events is a great change of pace and I hope the Halo Rivals becomes more of a thing. NGE did a great job on production too. Absolutely loved the atmosphere here in Austin.
  9. Sorry for getting so sick. Austin kicked my allergies in the nuts but I did mah best! I freaking love this game.
  10. I have a few asks for the next game but if there’s something I appreciate, after playing a bunch of H3, is how they handled shot confirmation. In a game like COD, hit markers made sense. You could have done something visually (like blood coming out of the player a la PUBG) but in order to hit that “arcade feel” hit markers made sense. In a game like Halo it doesn’t. You have the shields which can act as a clear representation of a player being hit or being weakened. It was subtle yet very obvious. I understand why the change was made (because your average player is used to it from other games and not just COD) but it felt like something unique to Halo and even Fortnite handles it well with seeing the shield pop, as well as the damage number. I just hope we go back to something like we had in H2/H3 because it was unique but not overbearing and it added to the experience in a Sci-Fi FPS game.
  11. That was a long series. Felt good about it overall and thanks for watching. 😊
  12. The matches have been great 100%. You work production so you get it more than most. 👍🏽
  13. Kinda shocked that Denial fizzled out after Pit CTF. Tox are just so good. Also @FrankTheShow that’s definitely my bad. I asked for talent dress code and they said casual and I showed up casual but then I see everyone in blazers LOL.
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