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  1. I have a few asks for the next game but if there’s something I appreciate, after playing a bunch of H3, is how they handled shot confirmation. In a game like COD, hit markers made sense. You could have done something visually (like blood coming out of the player a la PUBG) but in order to hit that “arcade feel” hit markers made sense. In a game like Halo it doesn’t. You have the shields which can act as a clear representation of a player being hit or being weakened. It was subtle yet very obvious. I understand why the change was made (because your average player is used to it from other games and not just COD) but it felt like something unique to Halo and even Fortnite handles it well with seeing the shield pop, as well as the damage number. I just hope we go back to something like we had in H2/H3 because it was unique but not overbearing and it added to the experience in a Sci-Fi FPS game.
  2. That was a long series. Felt good about it overall and thanks for watching. 😊
  3. The matches have been great 100%. You work production so you get it more than most. 👍🏽
  4. Kinda shocked that Denial fizzled out after Pit CTF. Tox are just so good. Also @FrankTheShow that’s definitely my bad. I asked for talent dress code and they said casual and I showed up casual but then I see everyone in blazers LOL.
  5. I think that’s more or less what we were referencing but I didn’t relay that correctly. So that’s my bad.
  6. I’ve NEVER done color commentary before in Halo so hopefully it wasn’t that bad lol. Finally getting some good games too
  7. Everyone wants premier first party titles. I just think MS was slow on the uptick when it came to getting games out. Sea of Thieves took forever and it had barely any content, Gears 4 was solid but it’s an older brand (Same for Halo) and any new IP just didn’t get much traction or never released. I’m hoping this new investment in first party works out and they allow their flagship games to retain their glory and potentially build some new FPS IP’s to experiment with. Either way it’s a good time to be a gamer because we have to be in for some AAA games.
  8. It’s something I will never make sense of. Was there a hacking issue we don’t know about or was it something else that led to this change when the XB1 came out. I really hope we eventually get back to simplicity with our consoles.
  9. I can ask but I believe you can only hold 32 accounts on one Xbox so perhaps that’s the concern since we had no idea who will be playing and what location they’ll be playing in. If it was group play then you’d see gamertags. That’s my educated guess 🤷🏽‍♂️
  10. I’m way too excited for this event. Favorite way to start the year.
  11. Gotta let these TO’s grow my man. The grassroots program is going to set Halo up for the long term and limiting everything to the Halo channel is not the answer. Also, they see no profit from that channel and before anyone says “we’ll just give them whatever profit they gained during that time period” just know it’s not that easy. MS probably has a broader deal with Twitch and a corporate entity giving money to a smaller company is a headache in legal crap. We all need to spread the news like crazy and support the crap out of UGC because they’re paying out of pocket for this. I’m saving my Prime Sub for them for example.
  12. I think Legion and Joe would do a fine job and clearly their tone is what UGC wants to strike for this event. I said it before on my stream but esports has become too stuffy in my opinion. We play video games and yet we’re wearing suits and ties. Why? Just because they do it in professional sports doesn’t mean we should do it in esports. I’m working an event for McLaren this weekend and they were very clear that they want to avoid the business attire and go the more casual route because our audience doesn’t care for all of that. There are moments that are appropriate for it (World Finals, OWL Finals, etc) but for an event like this it should be casual and that should also reflect in the commentary. Yes, you should break down the game and yes you should get hype for the awesome plays but the in between moments should try to be just as entertaining as the game. The event should look to be a show rather than just another tournament. Honestly, this is where the broader esports industry is trending toward anyway. More and more companies don’t want the “traditional esports approach” and are more focused in delivering constant entertainment that speaks to the majority.

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