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  1. I can play any time very flexible. I have a lot of event experience always ready to game. Trying to find that team that wants to grow and get better together. Please don't message me if your team is not all onyx in team arenadanGT: MERSK
  2. I was champion in FFA ,TEAM ARENA AND SLAYER but now just onyx cuz I run with who ever is down and trying to team so please msg me if you are at least a onyx . I have been the team Cpt for multiple teams in H3 and H2 so I know what it takes to get good as a team and known. Hit me up GT: MERSK
  3. ps: I have 60 pro points and my gamer tag is MERSK hit me up
  4. Hi I'm a old school halo player. I have played off and on since 06 I have made pro and simipro and then joined the ARMY and I'm now retired and trying to game hard and get a good dedicated TEAM SO HIT ME UP
  5. Old exp in h2 and h3 MLG TOURNAMENTS
  6. Really dedicated trying find smart players that want to go somewhere in this game. Gamer tag is MERSK JUST MSG TO RUN GAMES
  7. I'm onyx in slayer and team arena was a champ in both but I play by myself now
  8. I'm a old school gamer been too and placed good at many MLG events you won't be disappointed I I'm willing to change my game play and role to benefit the TEAM hit me up on Live my get is MERSK
  9. Free agent looking for serious team i have 20 points to my name for right now just msg me on MERSK
  10. Looking for a team that wants to set up and rotate when needed
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