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  1. Manella

    Halo to COD

    Agreed no mix of halo pros will get top 8 in a major cod event even tho i would love for it to happen i just cant see it ...and im NOT a cod fan ..just sayin
  2. NO mix of halo pros will make top 8 in a big cod event...
  3. Im not a fan of sta 9 at all but the gametype that is played on it works with the map... and as for adrift i highly doubt that will go
  4. 90 secs for TS and 2 min for obj seems like thats about right
  5. up to u but that gameplay was amazing to watch man
  6. watching sauce stream 1v1 vs cyren was amazing to watch...its crazy how something so little as descoping and no sprint can make the game so much better
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