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  1. PenguIndiana

    NBA Thread

    I think they should probably close the dome, wooden floors + water = not fun times
  2. I was just glad to see Bioshock in the top 10.
  3. This x1000 wtf 343 give us a vidoc or something you sluts
  4. Great to see them improving the UI, I've heard terrible things. Cheers to me not buying an Xbox One yet still.
  5. Was just thinking about how much I miss X-Play the other day. There's not a lot of game reviews/insight that Adam Sessler gives that I disagree with.
  6. http://www.reverbnation.com/amitch4/song/20135818-bright-eyes-feat-mitch-prod-by :3
  7. PenguIndiana

    NBA Thread

    Paul George goin in early tonight, that's a good sign
  8. For me the hardest was Halo 2, and the easiest was Halo 3.
  9. This thread is full of insecurity of superiority that doesn't exist. lol
  10. Website blowing his words largely out of proportion for the biggest hype gamespot ftw
  11. Join in progress has encouraged a lot more people to quit. GET RID OF IT Halo didn't need it before, it doesn't need it now imo
  12. I don't recall Halo lacking the need of being smart, tactical and perceptive; when you play someone who exhibits all of these things in Halo you get owned. I don't know when Halo had spoon fed anyone gameplay mechanics either, until Halo 4.
  13. PenguIndiana

    NBA Thread

    Kirk Hinrich be ballin lol
  14. dis be me on xbl only on this account, i've got probably thousands of more games logged on h2 & 3 but the reach and H4 stats are pretty accurate
  15. It was Bungie's marketing ploy for H3 unfortunately, I will have to agree that the ending was a bit disappointing. With that said, I also agree that it really didn't take away from the campaign experience for me.
  16. It was my favorite :'( everyone so disappoint with H2's campaign too....y
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