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  1. I respect your opinion. Although sadly as members; ultimately we have no say in what happens, so we should leave this here. Sry prom0dz
  2. Unfortunate for the recent promod thread, but anyone disagreeing with the deletion of it is a bit childish. MS is strictly against modded content on their console, if we were to leave the content up they could easily shut down the forum for allowing it. Not because they created it, but because this would be an outlet to reach said content.
  3. PenguIndiana

    NBA Thread

    Not having Sefolosha and Perkins really hurts their defense
  4. PenguIndiana

    NBA Thread

    KD shouldn't have gave up the rock he probably would've hit
  5. Herbal supplements do wonders
  6. They made it to an event or two. The competitive community's support was undeniably poor though. Sadly while giving them the cold shoulder, those very titles were still extremely addictive and competitive.
  7. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_Michael_Jordan
  8. Judging by the bio I wouldn't doubt that it was, Brad; the user made it a point of when it was launched. Who does that? Much Brad Very Like AGL (arena gaming league) ...can't use that anymore (AMERICAN GAMING LEAGUE) ...! hay guise we just launched
  9. Perfect Storm 2007 Naded Xtrem1st Legit Ramby
  10. The Miami Heat is probably your 2nd favorite team oh and are these cool enough for u bro I hope u would wear them
  11. Your opinion means nothing and your name is platano you're a banana...or you're insulting yourself either way
  12. CALM DOWN BRUH YOU CAN'T EVEN FATHOM MY NAME you must not be very articulated if people don't like what you have to say mr. -30 & you don't have to try to make drug habits sound intellectual it's cool I'm not a straight edge but you assume and U KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS
  13. I didn't really know what this thread was until now
  14. PenguIndiana

    NBA Thread

    y u do this to me Charlotte
  15. Trying too hard, but I applaud the focus.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJu4tWNRxds
  17. damn mom must be serving a cold hard plate of copypasta
  18. 343 is like alright competitive play is out of the way for H4...lets' update the competitive playlist.... Now...what is it REALLY missing? OMG WHAT ...IT NEEDS RADAR :maven:
  19. People with this idealism are the ones that never got THAT good.
  20. You actually don't need the disc to PLAY the 1.1 update; if the host of the game has the patch, than everyone in the game will be playing under the same update. But, if you want to host your own games with the 1.1 update you must buy the disc.
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