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  1. I can't believe the Halo 2 scarab didn't make the list
  2. PenguIndiana

    NBA Thread

    I'm probably the only one that cares but Bynum is finally dressing tonight against the Celtics I wasn't around at the time of the trade and once again no one but myself probably cares but, what are some of your opinions on the Evan Turner trade to IND? And what do you guys think about Danny Granger going to LA ? I'm pretty happy for him as a fan
  3. @@Moa where u @ I need backup
  4. I don't really play anymore, the online experience for all of the games is pretty lackluster imo. I haven't played Reach in a few months, but I have this feeling that I'll be reminded how terribly monotonous the maps get.
  5. I know Halo 4 is bad when I play Team Slayer and get people who are not playing 2 games in a row, and I also just got the achievement "Pitchin' a Tent" while I was typing this.... may god have mercy
  6. is eyefinity some type of graphics mod?
  7. ay u take that back now matey
  8. Not to mention that XBL has always had a subscription fee. So if I were to sign up for PS+'s offers in 2010, let's try comparing that to the amount of $ I've already given M$ for their online services over the past 7 years. I could probably buy most of the games on the market if I were to redeem the the money I've spent for XBL Gold. Not to mention as well, PSN has only recently started charging for their online services.
  9. As a consumer this is null and void when Sony is offering such a program. Anyone could easily switch over to Playstation because of the benefits comparatively to Xbox. It's a marketing strategy, not a kind deed. With that said, for people who have been paying for XBL Gold for years now; it seems a little unfair to see the latter out perform the service that you've been dedicated to for quite some time now.
  10. Still disappointed with the lack of news on any upcoming Halo title period, not even a picture or anything...
  11. it's about to be 55-60 degrees here for the next 3 days and than 4 inches of snow is expected WOOOOOOO
  12. We can't control what we didn't create But even if we could I'm sure putting Halo in the hands of the community as a whole probably wouldn't be the best idea either lol
  13. Hide your kids, hide your wife, ...hide your friends list
  14. OMG you can DL Bioshock Infinite? FUCK M$ Really though I'm not unappreciative of the idea that M$ is giving out free games with gold, but they have to take a look at their competition. The games in the above quote are a fucking MILLION times better than ANY of the free games with gold that XBL has offered. The only game I've actually taken advantage of downloading is Dead Island...and I've already deleted it because I have a 15gb HD... :'(
  15. THE HALO COMMUNITY HAS ALL THE RIGHTS TO BE CYNICAL We got a few shit games and have had to wait a span of 7+ years since a SOLID game release. Let's see how ANY other faithful gaming community would act after investing so much time in a franchise just to see it turn into unplayable garbage... Btw l8 but...I can't even read that
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