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  1. The game is actually tailored more towards a 5v5. Everyone was just against the idea near the launch of Halo 4 and we slowly started seeing all of the 5v5 playlists disappear.
  2. Hey do you remember that game of Halo Reach where we traded kills in a 1v1 @ 14-14 and I won? lol
  3. https://soundcloud.com/hardknockclique/live-produced-by-tallen
  4. my mothafuckin *****
  5. Working hard to afford this shit =']
  6. I guess it may have been a bit misleading, when he was speaking on switching back and forth between generations he was showcasing Ascension with a split-screen.
  7. it's going to be awesome seeing multiplayer with these updated graphics
  8. #competitivesidescroller2014
  9. So the rumors of the futuristic CoD shooter from a few years ago was true :p
  10. Trevor doing big things
  12. thanks 2 this post I will now refer to Brad as "bread" forever
  13. So is Brad's childhood friend, Billy? I just don't see how Billy could be so chill with having him as a biffle
  14. it was in response to a tweet, if it weren't a reply I'd probably pay more mind to it. In my opinion people are blowing this out of proportion for the sake of having a 20 page thread of drama because of what's happened in the past. Let the past be in the past, and let them operate how they want. If they seem shady to you, don't give them your money. They've already shown that they have the funds to payout their events, and that was the only reason that AGL collapsed. So now that they've shown their money and make a snide remark towards a cynical comment, you all criticize their decisions as a company. It took AGL quite a long time to even come close to having a professional appeal, as well as MLG and most other independent companies who host gaming tournaments...so what's any different about this? If you don't like how they're doing what they're doing than don't pay attention and act like Halo is, as it is; dead. I haven't payed too much attention but know that most of this flak is coming from Twitter and their poor streaming quality. They don't have to stream to have an event...the people that want the money will go and the people who are interested will follow as well. It seems like most of you aren't genuinely interested in the revival of Halo as much as you are trying to prove your point in a debate towards a company who is trying to give everyone what they want.
  15. Nice piece of work too bad sprint but it's a 1v1 map so isallgood
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