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  1. Well... that was easy.


    It was easy because I'm excited for a graphical improvement over one of my favorite games? I'm sorry that quite of a few of you are so negative about the infinite possibilities creating a chance that it won't play as good as you want on the XB1, but they didn't have to do any of this shit lol. I understand you're a big H1 fan and want it to be as perfect as possible along with others recently posting in this thread, but just give the speculation a rest; you won't know what it's really like until you play the game. 


    I just noticed that you quoted my post from Sept not too long ago too. No hard feelings just would rather see positive thoughts than negative ones regarding this. 

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  2. I want to say that no one from any other cell phone company has ever had that called in as a complaint. I have no idea how to find that statistic though, most likely due to it never happening or being an issue before.



  3. The whole fucking argument about not being able to use population as a sign is stupid. Quinn is seriously stupid for a) saying 2007 for when someone was making an example for 2009-2010 and B) the shooter market has changed a lot since 2009. The console shooter market is exactly the same except for the fact that Halo got shitty. By 2009 CoD4 and MW2 had been released and Halo 3 was still competiting with those games. It wasn't until Reach that Halo stopped being able to compete. Now why is that? It is because exactly like Eagleburn said, Halo had a unique identity. If people didn't like CoD, they played Halo, but with Reach Halo lost its uniqueness so people just went to CoD because it did it better.


    Agreed. The console market is actually even shitter now than what it was in 07'. There's been almost a 2 year period where I've literally been interested in >10 games. I normally wouldn't be worried about my interest in other games if there is a solid Halo shooter that is fun and playable to an extent. 


    So honestly if you did replicate Halo's original formula right now it would probably dominate because there is absolutely nothing else like it on the console. 

  4. Fantastic post +rep


    Terrible post -rep


    The button combos are glitches that happened in the layers of coding in Halo 2 early on, they were noticed too late. It's not baffling that they can't recreate accidental coding errors and include the button combos on a newer stable engine.  


    It's not as easy as everyone thinks it is.




    OT: I think it's very possible and a great idea that DLC will be made for H2A. Who wouldn't buy the maps? It's a shame that all aren't remastered already honestly. 

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