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  1. I support this as well. I also think it should include the small tournaments as well to help promote grassroot tournaments kind of like what shoryuken does for fighters.
  2. for the past couple of weeks i've been having problems going to halowaypoint it says it has timed out and stuff like that. I never had this problem before does anyone know how to fix this or what is causing the problem? could it be my network?
  3. anyone near the north east side hit me up gt phantazmhf will be doing lans and tournaments in the omaha, ne
  4. going to be doing lans in the Omaha area as well as get tournaments going. hit me up gt: phantazmhf just say you're from the beyondforums
  5. anyone near the west side of iowa hit me up. gt: phantazmhf
  6. Hello internet, my name is cody, but online I go by phantazm. This year I finally get to have time to participate in the Extra-life charity event. I’ve known about this great cause for at least three years but I could never participate because of either not having the gear or always working. This year will be the first not only for me but also for the team I’m with. The team is under Coaches Place, which is Omaha’s only LAN center. With being in Omaha all of the donations will go to Omaha’s Children's Hospital & Medical Center. Coaches Place team consist of three people, Jenee “Hopperzrus”, Brandon “Journ3yman” and myself Cody “Phantazm”. Jenee is part owner and manager of Coaches Place, avid gamer and Basketball player. Brandon “Bigg Boss” is co-creator of All Around Gamers, podcaster/commentator and an avid gamer. Finally, I’m of course an avid gamer, competitive gamer and event coordinator at Coaches Place. We all think this is a great cause to help not only kids but local kids which is even more impressive for such a big event. Even though this is our first event we plan on doing many more. Coaches Place set a goal of $500 with each team member having a total of $100. We will start at 12am on October 25 and go for the full 24 hours. We are sponsored by Gamermodz, Squidgrips and Small Guy Promotion and they gave use items to give away not only on stream but in person as well. For that day, anyone who comes to play half of the cost will go to the charity. Also, if you want to game with use for the full 24 hours it will be $80, so $40 will go to the charity. If you want to game for 6-12 hours it will be $40 with $20 of it going to charity. If you want to game for 4-6 hours it will only be $25 and anything less than that will be regular price. If you come in to game with us we will also let you play on stream for half of your time. There will be two streams going at the same time one on twitch and the other on twitch Some of the items for giveaway are: Shirts Play time for coaches place gamermodz gear squiqgrips And more. Some of the games we are going to play are: Destiny NBA 2K15 Evil Within Halo Shadow of Mordor Five Nights at Freddy’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic South Park: Stick of Truth Fear Goldeneye 007 Mario Kart 64 Counter Strike Diablo 3 and more Coaches Place extra-life and social media info Extralife Twitch Twitter Team Members info: Phantazm- Twitch Twitter Extralife Hooperzrus- Twitter Extralife Journ3yman Twitter Twitch Extralife
  7. hey everyone I have a new video up on youtube please check it out. I go off with the sniper in a pretty one sided match. Please like, sub and comment. Also I am still streaming on twitch very regularly. I should be streaming in the next hour or so actually.
  8. So I've done youtube videos and streaming off and on for about 7 months now. I haven't really had a decent pc to render videos and all that jazz. I have though upgraded my setup, I put together a custom pc that is pretty legit, as well as got a decent boost from my ISP (internet service provider). I've streamed every time I have played destiny so far and from now on I will be doing that anytime I game mostly. I will be playing more than destiny, when MCC drops I will be playing that, as well as, some PC games. Right now when I stream its normally at night and my girlfriend is asleep so I have to be quiet but on the weekends hopefully my stream and youtube videos will be more lively. Please check out my recent video and if you like it, give it a like, comment if you have a suggestion and sub cause there will be more to come. Also, I stream on twitch and I'm thinking about taking two weeks and streaming on hitbox so please follow those if you want to see me stream.
  9. I self taught myself BJJ until I actually found a teacher and when I did I was more proficient than all the white belts that were there for a year lol
  10. yea that's cool it was fun cause in the karate club in my high school my best friend like I said before was a TKD guy, there was another guy who was a mainly a JJJ (Japanese Jiu Jitsu), there was also another kid who was a primary Tang Soo Do and I had my main shotokan and kendo style so we had some pretty interesting sparring sessions. Every time we would spar it would seem like the part in the original TMNT movie were all of the turtles would fight each other (kinda corny but it was funny) considering we all had black belts in different styles and we were all really good friends. Yea JKD just seems pretty legit to know and I've been a major fan of Wing Chun since I saw my first kung fu flick. I would also really like to learn more muy thai as well as ninjitsu. One of my main styles that I really want to pick up too is Tai Chi something about that style just intrigues me to no end. Plus I love the ki/chi aspect of the martial arts as well.
  11. Hey I have done many martial arts, Isshinryu karate, shotokan karate, iaido, kendo japanese and brazilian jiu jitsu and I've also done some muy thai. I have 2 black belts one in shotokan karate, and one in Kendo. Also its not much of a traditional martial art but I also did greco/roman wrestling for 3 years of high school. I've been doing it since I was 8 but I stopped doing it my senior year because I had family issues. I loved doing it so mad I stopped honestly cause when I was committed to it things were very balanced for me. It helped relieve stress, kept me in shape and got me centered. Ever since I moved to finish college I haven't tried to get back into it there aren't many good schools here, sadly. I do it for self defense, I'm actually going to take a class in college just for shits and gigs, it helps get me centered like I stated before and I just love the culture especially from the japanese side. I've always been a fan of martial arts and the oriental culture, my hero is Bruce Lee not only cause he was a badass but also cause he was a philosopher and I love that aspect of the martial arts. I really want to get back into my styles again and also learn new ones. Its been a dream to learn JKD (Jeet Kune Do) and wing chun along with any other style but I really love the sword styles like iaido and kendo. I loved muy thai but the school I was going to closed before I could get really into it. I had a good friend and training partner who was a black belt in TKD. Man did we have some great sparring matches.
  12. I'm actually going to be doing the same thing when mcc comes out. Going to hopefully be hosting it around december and I know the omaha local smash community does the same thing. So I'm getting input from those guys so I'm ready to do regularly roll tier halo tournaments in omaha.
  13. This 100% is what I've been saying for a couple of years now. I feel like halo is a mix between a arena shooter and a tactical/team based shooter. Its gotten away from that over the years but halo 1 and 2 both accomplished the mix and that is why they are the best. Halo 5 needs to go back to that mode
  14. Team Name: Haunted Winner: GQ Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Halo Waypoint Link: https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/PhantazmHF/wargamescustom/match-9d2c146f916c34f1 had to restart game 1 https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/PhantazmHF/wargamescustom/match-f6f5ee501627c544 https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/PhantazmHF/wargamescustom/match-22ab359a5b2ddf62
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