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  1. It's Power Slayer and the guy who made this gametype ported Power Slayer to H4 a couple of months ago but never released it afaik. I think he abandoned it which is a disappointment because it's pretty much done last time I played. I'll let Gabotron know that there are people interested in it.
  2. Countless references to spectator mode aka the "Observer Team" exist in the code since Halo 2 although no modder has ever successfully activated it as far as I know. Point is that they DID make it but it's pretty likely that lag stood in the way.
  3. There's a good reason why the final kill cam was disabled. Many people simply cannot comprehend the concept of "lag" and will accuse countless legit players of modding. How often have you seen inaccurate deathcams?
  4. No worries! Let's all hope Halo 5 has spectator mode! You can always switch teams. It'd work better for FFA but yeah, I know it's meh.
  5. That "other modder" would be me. :gandhi: This mod was by request and I had nothing better to do. I don't expect people to take this seriously.
  6. These "modders" are just script kiddies with ~$60 to waste for few hours of griefing using crappy one-click apps. Actual modders make awesome stuff like putting AI in multiplayer and turning Halo into a third-person shooter. Please don't associate us modders with these asshats.
  7. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news but don't count on it. I don't think it's possible to implement a flawless no-scope system via gametypes only. Megalo can only do so much.
  8. Reach has a lot of Halo 3/2/CE stuff left unused. Doesn't matter what game it is, it's normal to see legacy stuff, but actually using them is a whole another story since many assets are missing. By the way, I'll bet $2 that Destiny will have Halo-related stuff left behind in the backend since I'm assuming they're using the same game engine as Halo. (The animation, physics, and environment in Destiny seems very Halo-like).
  9. It's normal for game developers to build a new game on top of the previous game. Bungie built H2 on top of H1, H3 on top of H2, Reach on top of ODST, etc. It's not weird to see stuff from Halo 2 in Halo 4's code. It's not unprofessional. Many game studios do this to speed up development.
  10. It's normal to get descoped if you get shot at while using your binoculars (e.g. AR, railgun, etc). There are two kinds of mods: those which are playable on retail Xboxes (i.e. gametypes and map variants), and those which require a modded Xbox (JTAG/RGH). Modifying weapon behavior aside from damage, ROF, and accuracy fall in the latter group. 343i is perfectly capable of bringing back descoping via a TU but they have their reasons for not doing it.
  11. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/e33aa249-eecf-41e3-bbb2-51b908223562
  12. Because it's fun making mods for Halo 4. Matchmaking is dead to me.
  13. What fake name? I only grabbed direct file links. Just right click on the email icon, copy the link, then paste it somewhere. Remove everything before the second "http://" and you now have a permanent link. If someone removes it from their fileshare, the link still will be active. Edit: I didn't make one flag or neutral flag but I've notified others of the situation. We're looking into it. We may reupload a modified version of the gametype soon.
  14. I noticed you have my old Race gametype up there. I'd appreciate it if you deleted it since Race v1.1 is so much better. Anyways, here are the direct links so you don't have to keep them on your fileshare. Revolution v4 Slayer NS Revolution v4 Extraction NS Revolution v4 CTF NS
  15. synth92

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    1. Breakneck 2. Avalanche 3. Coagulation 4. Longbow 5. Exile 6. Ragnarok 7. Wreckage 8. Waterworks I'm a BTB kid. I don't belong here.
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