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  1. GT: Sensei Ruckus MM/Customs Region: NA Havent played much since h4 but I'm back
  2. GT: Sensei Ruckus Location: Jacksonville FL. Right on the border of Georgia so its still local to me
  3. GT: Sensei Ruckus Jacksonville Florida
  4. Gamertag: Sensei Ruckus Customs or Competitive Playlist US/East
  5. Gamertag: Sensei Ruckus Customs or Competitive Playlist US/East
  6. when has a developer ever done anything faster lets be realistic
  7. there not gonna ban u for a glitch that is a part of the game already. and as for why i said about putting this up your also just promoting it more i wouldnt of known about it if i didnt come on this site and now ive been using it all day
  8. I guess i see the point but on the other hand i dont.
  9. Major Points: Remove AI - Just no to the AI there are way to many times in hard point and CTF and i spawn and im on my way to the mid obj or flag and i end up with 8 AI in my face there is no need for that. Limit Titans: Each player gets one Titan per game. You can Auto Titan or Pilot, Game Modes: CTF/Hardpoint - No way last Titan Standing will ever work without an Obj involved Any competitive Attrition Game i have played in pubs involved the other team targeting all the AI but none of the players As for burn cards not all need to be banned i can see a few of them still factoring into competitive play and it will add a twist it would have to be a limited set and this is even if respawn implements burn cards into customs i doubt they will
  10. Why are you promoting/posting this on the site.
  11. Come check out some CTF/Hardpoint Gameplay give the stream a follow! If you wanna run some games just post up in the chat always looking for more players! http://twitch.tv/ruckuslive
  12. Put together in real montage form. Most of the same game clips just getting alot better with Sony Vegas 12. Please leave some feedback its appreciated. http://youtu.be/s0reeaoNcIM
  13. Final Montage of Titanfall Beta 12 minutes of gameplay!! http://youtu.be/-DvyK9Its_E
  14. Just a short clip with my new intro/outro made with sony vegas pro 12 gonna do a full end of beta montage will post it on here tomorrow any feed back will be appreciated http://youtu.be/_vyYDrVt5F0
  15. It took call of duty ghosts 3 months to update the clan vs clan playlist to MLG Settings and call of duty is an established franchise and those settings were made within a week or two of game launch you gotta give these company's time its a proven fact especially a new franchise they want to focus on making the game better for the first few months let them do that i have a feeling they know what there doing
  16. Now that i have played over 100 games in the beta i will stat my opinion supporting this game. As for the competitive stand point no out of the box its not going to have all the competitive aspects but do you really think it wont be coming come on lets use our brains these guys know what they need to do to take on cod i would expect after 3 months from release to start to see competitive supports coming in from them. Now away from that this game is a great pub game. Everything is equal there is no BS(i.e.d.s. amplify riot shield c4 everyone on the opposite team or your team have op kill streaks) the titans are no op at all in fact they seem weak but also have there benefits and if your not the type to want to use a vehicle you call it in as support and they are also very easy to avoid enemy titans the movement in the game is very fluid So far the two maps are very well made many control and vantage points reminds me of halo but on a bigger scale. Now i would also like to see a playlist with no AI on the map i still there there will be more then enough action i have plenty of games of hardpoint dom with 20+ kills
  17. cause no one wants to read all that homie
  18. Made 3 quick montages from my Titanfall Beta gameplay. Still new to video editing so bare with me for now. Enjoy! @Sensei_Ruckus http://youtu.be/C_VuhuFzDVg http://youtu.be/zcslYQ-1Uhs http://youtu.be/It0RKKv8ZFs
  19. Didnt get a beta code? Still waiting? Watch some of the Titanfall beta gameplay!! [media=560x315]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It0RKKv8ZFs[/media]
  20. Beyond Ent is a great site always turn to them the latest news in competitive gaming. Twitter @Sensei_Ruckus youtube.com/itsruckuslive Gamertag Sensei Ruckus
  21. the game just came out and there already making adjustments to make it better do you really think there not gonna add another game type? there talking about adding a MLG playlist. kids have no patience now a day
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