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  1. GT: Sensei Ruckus MM/Customs Region: NA Havent played much since h4 but I'm back
  2. GT: Sensei Ruckus Location: Jacksonville FL. Right on the border of Georgia so its still local to me
  3. GT: Sensei Ruckus Jacksonville Florida
  4. Gamertag: Sensei Ruckus Customs or Competitive Playlist US/East
  5. Gamertag: Sensei Ruckus Customs or Competitive Playlist US/East
  6. when has a developer ever done anything faster lets be realistic
  7. there not gonna ban u for a glitch that is a part of the game already. and as for why i said about putting this up your also just promoting it more i wouldnt of known about it if i didnt come on this site and now ive been using it all day
  8. I guess i see the point but on the other hand i dont.
  9. Major Points: Remove AI - Just no to the AI there are way to many times in hard point and CTF and i spawn and im on my way to the mid obj or flag and i end up with 8 AI in my face there is no need for that. Limit Titans: Each player gets one Titan per game. You can Auto Titan or Pilot, Game Modes: CTF/Hardpoint - No way last Titan Standing will ever work without an Obj involved Any competitive Attrition Game i have played in pubs involved the other team targeting all the AI but none of the players As for burn cards not all need to be banned i can see a few of them still factoring into competitive play and it will add a twist it would have to be a limited set and this is even if respawn implements burn cards into customs i doubt they will
  10. Why are you promoting/posting this on the site.
  11. Come check out some CTF/Hardpoint Gameplay give the stream a follow! If you wanna run some games just post up in the chat always looking for more players! http://twitch.tv/ruckuslive
  12. Put together in real montage form. Most of the same game clips just getting alot better with Sony Vegas 12. Please leave some feedback its appreciated. http://youtu.be/s0reeaoNcIM
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