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  1. We gonna act like people in the past few pages and on twitter haven't been talking about asteriks on this event/fall finals? It'll blow over I just wanted to make a point
  2. Snakebite the first person to ever compete really sick? I agree it affects players but we never put asteriks for other teams/people?? Should we start putting asteriks on individual series for players who have played sick? Should we put asteriks for people who use adderall? Oh and @@TiberiusAudley u got a asterik for fall finals because of tournament format? Should we asterik 2016 worlds while were at it because single elimination, or would you give them a pass because they'd "probably" win regardless. Hmm maybe nV should asterik their losses to Liquid in the past because they have an *analyst! I hope people get my point
  3. Other than "his placings have gotten worse" can you explain why you think he has peaked?
  4. Monday night grand finals? Builds some extra hype, stops games from going until 12am onward, both teams are rested.
  5. Late to convo but... the guy can be passionate/right all he wants about halo, doesn't change the fact he has shitty character attacking people on an online forum. Were talkin about the same guy who was grilling suddoth2 for posting too much about his cancer because it has a 98% chance survival rate. On said forums... how relevant to his passion for Halo.
  6. In either scenario they prob play better on LAN lol... A) they are at a disadvantage online so play better on LAN B) it's in their heads that it's online, etc. so when they get to LAN they play better not having online in back of their head
  7. I'm not doubting Royal 2 has a harder time online than other players being up in Canada, but he stills drops 1.5's in scrims & was the only one on his team positive with a 1.25 yesterday. You'd think he's dropping .5's the way people talk about it & then you check stats so it seems like he can kill alright. Just an observation not throwing shade or anything. Cods online experience is way worse as you are playing vs. a host and playing coast to coast on 2/3 bars is worse than anything I've experienced on Halo (heavy aimer is def a thing though/ghost melees).
  8. Not weird, I was going off the premise that stellur was telling teams to blacklist E6. I mean, it's not the first time teams have attempted to blacklist them . If you don't like him then beat him and don't team with him, ESL made a ruling and even if people see it as not harsh enough trying to go out your way to blacklist a team is ridiculous lol.
  9. Optic in cod got blacklisted one time... & it wasn't even like a full on blacklist, mainly just talks that got around. Also, the whole cod community flipped shit and didn't accept it, lasted a couple days then it was over & done with. Blacklisting a whole team for having problems with one player is ridiculous. How everyone is so passive towards blacklisting is crazy.
  10. Curious to see how ESL proceeds with this situation. There is a roster lock but also a rule against "tanking". Stellur can say there is no emergency and he wants to play, but on the other hand he has displayed *publicly* his salt towards E6. ESL could have E6 find a sub until transfer period for the competitive integrity of the league being that it is highly likely he won't be trying & I'm sure E6 is already expressing that to ESL.
  11. Didn't maniac post "come home, kid" yesterday or something? Not sure if related but he could've known and just said it as a troll
  12. Also 4 streams and they have a stream called "the XP zone". Similar to the Red Zone Channel for football where they just hop around to the action, it's pretty cool.
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