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  1. Looking for a team to compete with on October 9th from 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM at the Microsoft Store in the Domain. I am currently a 1900+ in both Slayer/Arena, looking for players in the same skill range as myself. Since we are close to the tournament I would like to be able to get some practice in so please lmk asap if you are wanting to run games! GT: ScopeContro1
  2. Getting back into the swing of things, took a little break but wanting to play competitively. Looking to run with teams or just players that are competitive and wanting to win. GT: ScopeContro1
  3. Hello, Thanks for reading the post, we are a team of 3 that is looking for a 4th to compete in Season 2. As a team we are all laid back chill people that want to win games and compete at a high level. The three of us all have the same attitude when it comes to teammates and know exactly what we are looking for. No negativity, this is huge if you are a negative person this is not the team for you. This is as equality important as the first point, which is no EGO's. We want a team that wins and losses together. Be able to joke around and have a good time. We want someone that is 21+, we are all over 21. Be able to call out and use small talk. I am going to be this guy, be onyx in arena/slayer. Big bonus for previous event history. Last please be able to meet team practice schedule and be able to review film/setups/etc. Here is the team schedule. Monday: Off Tuesday: Off Wednesday: 5/6PM CST-11PM CST Thursday: 5/6PM CST-11PM CST Friday: 5/6PM CST-11PM CST Saturday: 5/6PM CST-11PM CST Sunday: Light day, either tournaments or film review but off by 9PM CST. We are on for the rest of the weekend so hmu asap if you want to run games. GT: ScopeContro1 Teammates: Dean iMh Goofstxr
  4. Thanks for reminding me to update the post with my GT, and I hit you up on live but it is scopecontro1
  5. Hello, I have found another teammate and we are looking for two more to compete this Saturday as well as next season. We want to put in the grind and we are asking the same from you! We are looking for the following. * Positive People, I can not stand negative players. * We should all know callouts, please be able to know where people are spawning, coordinate pushes, etc. * Willing to review Films/Setups. My teammate and I have the same schedule: Monday and Tuesday: We don't play, or very lightly play. Wednesday - Friday: 6PM CST to 11PM CST. Saturday and Sunday: Tournaments will take priority of our time but usually will be on 6PM to 11PM CST. To avoid double posting, I have these people on my list from my last post and plan to run games or more games with you all. * Dsqaurisqueen * uTi Allstar * bobbys love Also you can post here or hmu on live GT: ScopeContro1
  6. I am a TO2 now as well. It is myself and Dean imh. hmu if you still want to run games.
  7. Added you on live. Still running, got a good idea who I want but still would like to have more options!
  8. I am still trying people out. Will get back to you when I have a team set.
  9. For sure I added you, I ran some games last night but going to get more games in today. hmu will be on around 6PM CST.
  10. Also trying to start a team we should run games. GT: ScopeContro1 http://halotracker.com/h5/player/ScopeContro1
  11. Hello, I am looking to join a team or start my own team for Season 2 and if we do well/all want to go we can do G4G. Been playing since H3 took a break in Reach, but before then went to 08 San Diego and 09 Meadowlands. This season only got to do 2 of the qualifiers with last minute teams, so no points but that is another reason I want to get this/on a team asap. Also I have been onyx all season. I am looking for the same in a team/teammates. * Be positive person! * We all should know callouts, I want a team that is calling out where they are going and looking to hold down positions. * I hate to be this guy but you got to be onyx. * Willing to review Film/Setups. In the end we all need to have the same mindset for the game or the team chemistry will never be there. Teamwork is huge and I want to get on a team that is looking to compete and is not a bunch of negative Nancy's (this is huge deal, again please have a positive mindset). My Current Schedule is kind of flexible except for weekends. Sunday and Monday - Light day maybe 4 hours, unless a tournament. Tuesday thru Saturday - 6PM CST to 11 PM CST. Some nights can go later. GT: ScopeContro1
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