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  1. I dunno I feel like you can do both at the same time while playing? (multi-tasking) Just saying because I've tuned into his stream for the past 3 days and he literally just sits there every time. It's not like he really answers questions either, he will just say "next question" or "I don't think I can answer that" or "You'll just have to wait and see" Hardly #intel if you ask me
  2. Literally sits there and does QnA's more than he actually plays the game.
  3. I think Ola has gone through multiple epiphanies throughout these past few years. Hopefully the Ola of old can come back for this upcoming season
  4. It's probably a serious issue tbh, I'm not even pro but I gamed H3 really hard and played LoL up until this point and sometimes my hands hurt occasionally(I'll have to rotate my wrist a few times). I can only imagine top level pros that play 8-10 hours a day and what they go through
  5. Side note: Anyone not able to play Halo or any games because of XBL?
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