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  1. Storm rifle needs a nerf, period. You're in favor of a hold down automatic with crazy aim assist beating one of the hardest weapons of the series by default?
  2. Such a wrong generalization by the Halo community. A single game takes about 7 minutes to finish. You won't be able to have a reward that's special. You can finish games so quickly the rewards will be useless. I can just quit a game and get that same reward 7 minutes later. There will be quitters no matter what. That's the generation of gaming we live in. 343 needs to actually problem solve for once and make a forfeit system or a "game over" system that will end the game if there's 1 person left on a team down by 20 points.
  3. Last 7 of my 10 games the whole enemy team quit out except one person and we had to wait for 8 minutes while we chased one guy around. 5 of those maps were on overgrown. 3 Halo titles and 343 hasnt done a single meaningful thing to stop quitting or end games when there's 1 person left on a team. What a fucking first impression for casuals.
  4. That reporter guy was probably one of those dudes you see online sometimes that can't walk and aim at the same time.
  5. Just wire the Xbox One controller? I used to think the 360 controller was the best but the xbox one's controller grew on me and I can't go back now.
  6. Does it bother anyone else that you can get a bulltrue medal when you trade kills with a sword? It hasn't always been like that right?
  7. Once again Halo 1 wins the award in another category: being one of the best mixes of casual gameplay that can be competitive at the same time. Halo 1 was a party game while being one of the most competitive games I've ever played. Identity crisis for Halo 5 is an understatement to say the least.
  8. You guys think overgrowth is the worst map ever? Give it time, the same people who made overgrowth are making the maps in the future. It'll be topped.
  9. I think pro teams should be able to do whatever they think will increase their chances of winning life changing money.
  10. Don't see any misspelling of shield there? Nvm I see it, I'm blind
  11. If 343 doesn't add a classic playlist with no abilities on forged maps within 2-3 weeks of forge launching, I'm pretty much done with them. If they show no respect to older players that made it possible for them to make millions of dollars, I'm done with the franchise as a whole. Might be a bit harsh, but that's where I'm at right now and I'm sure other people agree.
  12. Clamber is the only thing you need. And most of the time you don't need it.
  13. http://m.imgur.com/a/882YK Looking to start a 3vs3 on this lockout remake. 4sk pistols only, faster base movement, no abilities. Gt: racethesunn Sorry for not posting in the other thread but it's kinda dead
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