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  1. The weapon balance is fine; I don't know what cookies4you is on about, that is clearly not standard damage output for the combat shotty. I agree that static rifle/shotty is an awesome combo. I also have fun with the lightning gun and chaingun. I've gotten away from using the hellshot, seems slightly too weak to me but I may try pairing it with the plasma rifle.
  2. Just hit 50 in multiplayer last night. What weapons are you guys favoring in MP? I've been rotating through a handful every game.
  3. I had previously been on 4/5 and played 5 in H1 and 4 in everything else. After hours of trying out different combinations, I think 3.5x/3y/4 accel feels like I'm in control without being squirrely.
  4. When was the last time we had a 1v1 playlist? Only thing I can remember is H2 head to head, which I enjoyed the shit out of.
  5. I had a blast with the open beta, much easier for me to sink some time into than H5. I think overall the weapon balance is good but I'd like to see rockets buffed.
  6. Remove radar and spartan charge. Introduce party restrictions. 4sk magnum wouldn't hurt either.
  7. Standard control Recon 4/5/0/2 No Claw, No Vibes, Stabilizer off (but I'm not sold on this).
  8. Someone PM me if that happens, I'm in Baltimore County and would be down.
  9. I'm in Baltimore County and have been playing since '03. GT: Liife; add for H5.
  10. I run 5 sens on H1, 4 in every other Halo game. For H5 I've been most comfortable with 4 sens, 5 aim accel, 0 inner, 2 outer.
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