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  1. I was going to get a little late night slayer/arena in but I went to play halo 5 tonight and the only ranked playlsit was doubles, and swat. Then it had btb and the holiday social slayer. Does anyone know what's up with the other playlists?
  2. Matchmaking was nice to me over the weekend. I had a good time playing some Halo 3, search time weren't too bad, connection seemed better than normal and I had no freezes or bugs. Not sure if this was random or what, but it seemed pretty normal
  3. Just a random MCC question here, I've played on a wireless controller and wireless internet connections since MCC has been released and have had issues with shots not registering but just come to the conclusion that it's Xbox live, that's how it always is.... Has anyone here gone from wireless connection or controller to wired and noticed a difference? I have just been wireless so far cause of the convenience
  4. Post your gamer tag, someone here will add you as a friend and invite you. The beta is suppose to drop this Friday and usually takes a few days to get approved for the preview/beta program so this has to happen pretty soon. I'd be able to do it but I'm out of town for work with no Xbox so try and get someone from here to invite you!
  5. There is a cure all for the multiplayer problems we now have with halo. We've herd time and time before that they don't want to separate the competitive and casual scenes, they want to sort of blend it together and they have failed miserably so far at achieving this. I can see the perks of wanting the game to be mostly the same for casual and competitive but where we are at now in halo it's time to separate. Keep sprint and all the goodies for a playslist and a completely separate playlist and settings for competitive....why not???? it's definitely not going to hurt anything. If there's anything the casual gamer wants its variety, and if the game would flourish I'm sure the competitve playlist would have a good population number. From casual to competitve maps, keep them different, all of them. Give the competitve the smaller to midsize maps catered to no sprint, it will work if done right. The casual maps with sprint should be the larger scale maps where sprint wouldn't be a deal breaker, everyone would win. Why is it so hard to grasp that concept....
  6. The thruster pack is more of an issue then sprint to be honest. That right there is a get out of jail card, sprint still sucks but they worked it in better than they ever have. One thing I find beyond annoying is when jumping with bumper jump during a br fight it wants to ground pound cause I guess I'm pressing the left analog to hard and I can't help it but it throws the whole battle off and that alone makes me loose my shit so I can no longer jump during a br fight, thanks 343i
  7. Anyone having issues searching? I can't seen to find a match at the moment
  8. Makes you wonder if they people who already had the beta installed, and now this update, are we ready for day one of the beta? That would be cool, once it releases to be ready to play vs having to downlaod another update or like most not even have it yet
  9. It's very fun to play, competitive settings should be interesting to see how it plays out.
  10. The dedicated servers aren't up and running yet are they? Halo 2 anniversary is impossible to play off host for me, cause the br is so accurate and the hit detection is so good host is ridiculous. From th experience I'm having there's non way this is dedicated servers
  11. I'm burned out of halo MCC already... Partly because of their MM blunders but man each playlist they have has got old to me. Halo 2 anniversary maps are terrible, possibly the worst team slayer maps are the ones that always get picked, lockout, asenction, and not as bad but still a bad team slayer map Zanzibar. Warlock, and sanctuary seem to be far and few between, at least I never get to play them, they should have remade better maps I guess. Halo 2 classic, all though my favorite playlist, 75% of games are smg start and that's really painful. Halo 3 is just halo 3 online still terrible hit registration, yes improved but still terrible.
  12. It's definetly better for me today. I'm finding games pretty quick, halo never was the fastest to begin with, so the update did do something. Still needs some fine tuning for sure, fix the uneven teams fiasco right away PLEASE, and no more 5v5 Bs. I can't wait till halo 2 classic and halo 3 ranking system goes live!!
  13. Unfortunately for me I'm not a big gamer at all, I just like me some halo...... This might mark the death of my gaming career
  14. I had a feeling that this update was gonna fail. It's is halos destiny, nothing is going to ever be the same as it was, master chief collection isn't the savior we all thought, it's going to mark the day everyone lost faith in 343i and never will buy another game they produce. Seriously of there was a way we all could get our money back I'd be first on the list. I literally feel like they just stole my money
  15. Does anyone know why mine isn't even giving me a legit % on where the update is at? From midnight last night to 8 am this morning it's telling me that my update it 100% and just sits there
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