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  1. Hey I'm looking for a team and I'm interested message me on xb: andrewhazard7
  2. Aye I'm interested. Message me gt: andrewhazard7
  3. Not a rager and is interested , gt: andrewhazard7 message me
  4. I'm interested , my gamertag is andrewhazard7 message me
  5. I've been playing halo my whole life , and feel that I'm really good at it, and I can take my game to the next level, and I'm ready for competitive tournaments . Age:12 but don't let that fool u , cuz I would destroy you. I know I'm young , but I bet I can beat almost anybody History: been playing halo since I was 6, took from my dad, since halo 2 I'm destined to be a gamer , so why not start early? I know your probably thinking " no way he's a kid", but what u should say is why not give this kid a chance to show u what he's capable of , and I promise u, if u give me a chance , I will make u happy! If you are interested, you may message me on xbx Gamertag: andrewhazard7

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