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  1. wait wait wait... so there is 3 Frostys? l Fr0sty l : Pro H1 n h2 Player OG Frosty/ FrostyTheTruth: Pro H3/Reach NOW Itz so Frosty/ CLG Frosty: h2a/H5 All 3 are brothers....
  2. CSR is over 9000 KD = 35 Location North America LAN - I've experienced it. The experience was Amazing. The experience made me feel alive . The experience is forever stuck in my soul . The LAN experience has scarred me. I was a virgin at the time.
  3. You know what I mean. Or do you really want me to say Tournament Setup Hard Wired to 2nd biggest Universities in the USAs Closed Server Box Event.
  4. Update. Tomorrow is LAN! We have a few spots left . Plz msg me first if you decide to come.
  5. I'm so confused right now. I just came back from seeing the Revnant and I see.... 1) Halo Channel Alegiance vs Liquid 2) I go on Lxthuls channel and I see ACE playing with random people commentating. 3)I go in Royas channel And they are all chatting just chilling 4)I go on the forums and no one really posted who won . Is the tourney even over?!
  6. We need 1. I have top 32 exp in H2 and H3 My other teammate made top 16 with assault back in H3 And my 3rd team mate.... He's a newbie but solid player. We are huge on communication and IQ. So be nerdy as fuck. Running right now GT : GangsterDoG Points are always a plus
  7. Gaming Knights UCF is hosting its annual LAN that brings in over 100 people a year next Saturday . This year they decided to include HALO 5. They will be streaming all types of games and hosting tournaments. Games Include: H5, FIFA , League of Legends, Dota, MortalKombat 3, SSBM and Black Ops. Details: Saturday 30th 12pm-11pm. BYOC , Location: Orlando, Fl Pegasus Hall Ball room UCF Everyone is invited . Comment if you have any questions. I will post Streaming links on this thread.
  8. I'll see what I can do. I know your dedicated. How late can you stay up to play usually eastern time ?
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