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  1. Another good point that slip my mind. If I had remembered I would have mentioned it but hopefully there was enough there to get the point across.
  2. I think it's a situation where the general gameplay and style is enjoyed by a lot but at the highest level of play with the most optimal strategies determined...it's unfortunately a very straightforward and like you said repetitive affair. But there's also more ways to play a map than 4v4 hyper competitive slayer so I still believe their is value in having maps like Lockout. In comp both teams lock down the same 2 points each match. BR tower, and Sniper Tower. The lack of routes makes getting from one to the other very difficult and not worth it and also there's a lack of necessity to ever move around. I understand why the map breaks in those conditions, but there are other forms of Halo where the map shines. I also think it's possible that a map can play like a competitive dream...but perform very poorly in a casual environment, and you could argue whether the map is good or bad there as well. Idk I just find myself thinking about stuff like this a lot.
  3. I don't think we should limit ourselves by saying any one thing Should ALWAYS happen. I don't like lockout either and I always considered it overrated. But the bottom line is other people LOVE IT. one of the most popular maps in Halo history. Fun is subjective, and regardless of how much knowledge you or lemon or anybody has on map design, the fact remains that the style of gameplay that lockout provides is enjoyed by a lot of people, and a wide range of people at that. And that fact remains true regardless of the subjective definition that is given to what "defines" an arena shooter or a good map or whatever. Anyway just feel like we need to be a bit more open minded about that sort of thing.
  4. Hey Multi, I heard about all that stuff that went down and I just gotta say I'm devastated for you man. Honestly if someone were to ask me " Name one community member that you think 343 desperately needs to hire" you would have been the first name I brought up. We all have things we wish we never said and I understand that for someone actively seeking employment in the industry...you need to be careful. But I still find the decision to revoke your offer incredibly drastic and I'm very upset that the studio would take such a measure for such an insignificant clearly hyperbolic comment. However, I think you're handling this in the best possible way. It shows your TRUE character that when faced with this level of adversity, rather than lash out, insult people, point fingers.... you instead come at it with humbleness, understanding, and professionalism. I only hope that 343 sees that as the REAL person they were going to hire. A guy that's probably one of the most creative and thoughtful map designers I've ever seen. All I can say man is don't give up. Take this, learn from it, and keep trying because they need you over there. There's always a way, and I hope 343 is willing to at least talk about this with you and come to an understanding because as it stands now it's a lose lose for both parties. I really hope they reconsider the offer, but no matter what goes down in the imminent future I have no doubt you'll wind up incredibly successful in the end. -Fav
  5. Well lets look at it from the standpoint of what a gametype is. A gametype is really just an objective. In CTF the objective is to capture a flag. In assault it is to detonate a bomb in the enemy base. So consider what the "objective" is of Conduit. It's still killing people, the exact same objective as slayer. Which imo negates the necessity of conduit being its own mode. You bring up an interesting example of Dominion, but those maps were in a way already constructed for this mode and they didn't necessarilly impact "map design" more so they just reinforced the existing bases present on the map. Keep in mind that the key present on Arcanum does not take up a weapon slot. It instead acts as a power up similar to how you described you wanted it to function. You maintain all offensive and movement capabilities. I still highly encourage you to check out the map as I think it will greatly benefit you as you explore your idea further.
  6. I realize I'm a tad bit late to the party but I just read through the Multi vs Boyo stuff AKA Debate of the Century. Really not sure why Boyo was so hostile to what I considered to be sound and thorough advice and ironically enough it was coming from someone who has actually built something utilizing the core of Boyo's idea. Your mistake Boyo is A. your idea for how it would work is just bad ( which is fine that's probably why you asked for advice) but more importantly.. B. Your method of implementing this idea via a "gametype" is where your idea blows up. tying environmental interaction to a specific gamemode that can be played across an entire map selection would be next to impossible because all of those elements, if competently designed around, are critical to the map functioning properly to begin with. Your idea has to be specifically designed around, therefore it's existence within a specific gametype would simply not work because the maps it would be played on would not be built to support it. However Boyo, that doesn't mean the core of your idea is necessarily bad. At a basic level your idea is " control a power source, to enable certain dynamic elements" This idea is perfectly suited and can be fulfilled via specific map design, not an overarching gametype. Because this has to be specifically built around, you need the map to support it and be balanced around it. In this theoretical map you have a lot of flexibility to achieve your goal. You create the power source ( you suggested a charging station, I would suggest something else), you devise a method of delivering that power so that players can control it and use it, you create certain interactions that that power enables, and you design your map in a way that makes these interactions interesting from a gameplay perspective. The reason so many people have asked you to check out Multi's map Arcanum is because it is an excellent Example of this. In Multi's map the power source is a marked and easily identifiable pick up called "the key" It is distributed in the same manner any other weapon pick up would be and gives its power to the player who controls it, This power enables you to open certain doorways to strategically maneuver the map, and the map is designed in a way that creates interesting gameplay from this concept. Humble yourself a bit, keep an open mind, and think of your idea in this light and I think you can improve it greatly.
  7. Of course contextual factors play a roll. I wasn't arguing otherwise. My argumrnt wasn't " it's just game play or its everything but competition" I really just argued that it is more than just 1 thing. I understand comparing a market 10 years a part isn't going to be 100% accurate. There's again thousands of other factors st play. BUT all those factors are impossible to account for and yet people will still claim "halo had no competition". My video was just a broad view pointing out many of the franchises around today we're around then as well and had been for awhile. The video could have been 45 minutes long or more of me just preemptively countering every minute point. Sorry you didn't enjoy it
  8. "Don't need to win every single little argument" and then criticizes me for not addressing a handful of other components. Truthfully the video was mentally exhausting. There are 1,000s of factors and points you could bring up such as momentum, and the things you mentioned. I just tried to keep it concise as possible and not go down 300 rabbit holes which I kinda already did. Though I did bring up the failures leading up to 5. Didn't go in to detail but I mentioned "declining trust in the franchise" as a reason it may be doing poorly. Halos condition is not due to 1 thing. Not just competition, not just gameplay but thousands of small factors. I just tried to make this video to those who use this particular argument as a dismissal of halos current problems
  9. Not even that but is the "smaller install base" not in it of itself direct proof no one gives a shit about halo anymore?. If halo is your SYSTEM SELLER. The reason people buy your consoles in the first place, how can you blame it's lack of sales on the console not doing well? The thing responsible for selling consoles in the first place performed poorly because they didn't sell as many consoles? The mental gymnastics at play are gold medal worthy.
  10. If it's any consolation that footage wasn't of me but in defense of the guy who sent it to me...it's better than what I could have done. I truly despise this game. I can't even play it for enough time to capture footage without getting really bored/annoyed/anxious to stop. I had a sub just record 2 hours of b-roll that I can just throw in when I need h5 footage so I don't have to struggle for footage.
  11. "I can't imagine you'll see a Halo game that's just Halo 5 but with prettier graphics oh wait...." -also sketch But seriously I find this sort of answer coming from the studio agonizing. Here they go most likely making a game that builds on halo 5, but when we want a game that builds on the classic formula it's assumed we mean a carbon copy of those games with better graphics? Cmon...
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