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  1. When reach comes back i hope they do v7 tournies would be awesome. Maybe they can fix dammy or take that shit out too lol
  2. Got more ranked h2 games last night than i did in the last 4 months
  3. Was dope watching the h2 tournament on sunday. Hopefully more people come back cuz of it. And hopefully it gets 343 to fix h2 some more too.
  4. Word? I didnt even know this was a thing im bout to round up some folks. Why didnt they promote this as much as that h3 shit. I wouldnt even have known if it wasnt for this post.
  5. Probs to my boy callous coaching denial out there. Heard they doing really good i didnt get a chance to watch today
  6. Yea i know lol i dont have a pc to run that. My laptop wasnt working with the controller for some reason. Maybe ill try it again.
  7. Been playing a lot of h2 still some good players left on here. Been tryna run customs can never get the full 8
  8. Played with ogre 1 in 4v4 social the other night he was shitting lol nice to see the two goats back on.
  9. Lol at halo 3 having better gametypes than halo 2. Warlock, sanc and, lockout are each better than all the halo 3 maps in rotation by a long shot. Id bet that most of people wanting halo 2 probably couldnt go to an event back in the day when we were all kids. So its out finally chance to go now. Only thing h3 has on h2 is graphics and forge to be honest. Gameplay isnt nearly as good with that terrible br. But it definitely will bring more people which is unfortunate because it will get lost in the shuffle.
  10. Wish i was off for that h2c one. Hopefully this works out so you can do another one. Scratch that gonna try to get my schedule changed for this lol

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