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  1. Lools fkn sick. Regular High noon might the best looking halo map imo.
  2. The second goat Ogre 1 on with hysteria FiS and Summit . Would be dope if he came back with 2gre for one more event
  3. Shouldnt tank on in mcc so we should at least be able to try it
  4. K25 Sanc for sure. Could bring back some old gametypes too for testing too. Why not take also take a look at prisoner or Heh now that the framerate will be fixed? Warlock CTF, Slayer, King, Ball, Bomb Pit King Zealot Bomb Sanc Bomb Element Slayer, CTF Onslaught CTF For beaver slayer maybe put the weapons back to h2 spawns and add a delayed camo behind blue like they used to do on Construct? Also if we could fix the power ups that could do give us options for the older maps as well
  5. I hope none of the ideas on this page come in halo infinite lol no offense
  6. Hopefully players start filtering into og reach so i can play MLG again
  7. When reach comes back i hope they do v7 tournies would be awesome. Maybe they can fix dammy or take that shit out too lol
  8. Got more ranked h2 games last night than i did in the last 4 months
  9. Was dope watching the h2 tournament on sunday. Hopefully more people come back cuz of it. And hopefully it gets 343 to fix h2 some more too.
  10. Word? I didnt even know this was a thing im bout to round up some folks. Why didnt they promote this as much as that h3 shit. I wouldnt even have known if it wasnt for this post.

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