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  1. There was a separate download on the website that added a whole set of compatible gametypes (including a 100 kill TS) back when the v6 beta was up. I was going to link it, but I don't see it up there anymore. It should be added to the download page.
  2. lol I actually do like Boarding Action specifically just for playing snipers, but it's definitely a terrible map for the standard format, which is why I was surprised to see it included. Another question. Since the campaign level selection seems to indicate that more maps like Prisoner Bots will be there in the future, has anyone figured out how to make it so that any newly created profile has instant access to all 10 campaign missions? This isn't important, but it would be neat in the future when more of those levels are out.
  3. What was the reasoning behind bringing back Blood Gulch and Boarding Action? Just curious. I didn't think anyone would actually want to play on those maps.
  4. Ah, okay. I didn't know that the shorter text was actually in 1.5 on some maps. And I don't find it surprising that some people hated it just because it's different, even though it pretty much is objectively better, like Hard Way said. That's a shame though. I think it's really cool.
  5. I found this old video of a Halo 1 mod which condensed the text of the messages that pop up throughout the match. Notices about players killing one another are unchanged, but ones about grabbing ammo, weapons, grenades, and powerups have been significantly shortened. Some examples: "Picked up 180 rounds for assault rifle" was changed to say "180 AR" "Picked up 2 fragmentation grenades" was changed to say "2 frags" "Picked up active camouflage" was changed to say "Camo" "Picked up a sniper rifle" was changed to say "Sniper Rifle" "Hold X to swap for [gun image]" was changed to say "X [gun image]" And, comically, "Picked up a needler" was changed to say "Put it back down" I'm wondering why this idea wasn't kept around for Halo 1.5 or Halo 1: Final. Personally I like it a lot, as it gives you the relevant info without the extra clutter. It's obviously not necessary by any means, but it's nice. I'm curious what everyone else thinks of this.
  6. Nice vid as always, Missingno. Definitely interested in more.
  7. Speaking of having helpful stuff ready for new players who are starting out on new maps, is there anyone who'd be able or willing to make overhead drawings of Halo 1 Final's five new maps (like in the example linked below)? I save these to my phone after marking all the spawn points on them that I gather from halospawns.com to keep them on me as a portable reference (I'm still new to all this), but nothing like this exists for the new maps. http://halocustoms.com/threads/overhead-maps-megathread.21501/#post-119443
  8. Out of curiosity, which version of Derelict do most of you opt for in Halo 1: Final? The original 30 second rocket respawn, or the new 2 minute one?
  9. Considering the general consensus that Wizard is an awful map, what was the reasoning behind it making the cut into Halo 1: Final instead of a sixth Halo 1.5 map?
  10. Okay, thanks. That's what I was assuming. I know that some of the file names are different from the actual map names. I just wasn't sure why there were two for Derelict. That's neat that you can swap out the files for a more standard rocket spawn time.
  11. I was just messing around in the game and when I tried to boot CTF on Derelict or Wizard, the game would start, but I wouldn't spawn in. Instead I'd be stuck with a fixed camera angle with "Rejoin in 0" appearing in the top left of the screen. When I attempted to boot CTF on Prisoner, it worked fine. Then, when I attempted to boot CTF on Battle Creek, the game just crashed in the pre-game lobby when "Loading level..." appeared at the top. I didn't try any other maps after that. Is CTF supposed to be broken in Halo 1: Final? I know that no one really plays CTF, so I'd understand if no one bothered to make it work here, but I just want to know if it's supposed to be like that, or if there's something wrong with my game somehow. Also, what is the "carousel[2minRocketSpawn].map" file for?
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