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  1. What if Dedo and MrAdamP and all the others speaking out for E6 are just trying to keep their families safe?
  2. wouldnt che have to actually SHOW UP to be at the hcs council?
  3. maybe we should talk about halo instead of everything else not halo?
  4. Why was Cooper banned but were allowing this circlejerk of would, vinftw, and plzlearn continue?
  5. It says 'making of esport champions'. Optic Halo wont be a part of the film.
  6. I wish we could enjoy this season without having to speculate rosters for future seasons :\
  7. it really should be teams are forced to stream so it's easier to tell what happened during controversies
  8. What happens if we see a 7-7 CLG/RNG scrim tonight? "CLGs first not-win of a scrim!"
  9. scrim CLG is an entirely different animal than tournament CLG
  10. What will come first, Optic's 4th announcement or Pro League details? Find out not 'the end of this week' or 'by Sunday'.
  11. IMO the 'easiest' weapons to use in the game are the automatics. If were going to complain about the fuel rod, we should be more upset about the Plasma Rifle and SMG being overpowered, extremely easy to use, and there being many more of these on the map than 1 fuel rod or 1 rocket launcher.
  12. Hey guys, long time lurker here. Anyways, I've been coming up with this new system that predicts winners better than any stat ever before. They're called, Papa John's points. See, I take the stats from chad and tormented. I mix in PROX stats. I add in clutch factor, and sellout potential. The more a player gets those pizzas sold, the higher their Papa John's points are. From the Papa John's points, I can accurately predict who will win the tournament sunday. I've ran my tests behind the scenes, because gotta keep that secret formula well, a secret. And here are the results. 1st place - EG - Lethul (250 Papa John's points) - Snipedown (178 Papa John's points) - Roy (121 Papa John's points) - Lunchbox (116 Papa John's points) 2nd place - Liquid - Ninja (203 Papa John's points) - Chig (199 Papa John's points) - Ace (155 Papa John's points) - Unlegit (27 Papa John's points) I won't break down every team but here are the rest of the results: 3rd - Optic 4th - Envy 5th - WFX 6th - Allegience 7th - CLG (really got work on their sellout potential. Push those pizzas guys!) Anyways, I worked really hard on this. I worked for 2 weeks creating this formula, so if you could give me a + vote, that'd be great. Thanks
  13. astromaniac

    NBA Thread

    is it bad to root for teams to lose every game just for records? don't hate 'em or anythin same thing with golden state for wins?
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