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  1. Technically it's still there. Managers can make 1 ethical change. But then, the rulebook hasnt changed yet; so the same thing can happen again. - Submit a roster with only the '1 change' (but let's say 2 players left). - Claim the other non-ethical team change player refuses to play with your team and is requesting a team leave. - Team is allowed to replace that player in addition to the normal team change. System is broken af. *Edit* And technically again, this can be done for all the players. The manager can keep the pro seed (and the St. Louis points) while losing all 4 of the players heading into Vegas. It is a JOKE of a rulebook.
  2. for those wondering, the alg-eg series ended 9-4 in allegiance's favor
  3. according to nasty's post, apparently the rulebook says they're allowed to not give them the pro seed. sooo, yeah. legally they're fine.
  4. - Bubu, Shooter, Falcated, Shotzzy - Spartan, Commonly, Suspector, Danoxide 1 of these teams won't be in Pro League after Worlds. Something has to change to make sure that doesn't happen. Whether it be - Not making worlds dissolves your pro spot - ESL dissolving E6's current pro spot - Expanding Pro League to 9 or 10 teams
  5. According to the rulebook, couldnt allegiance have submitted a roster of falcated, str8 sick, spartan, commonly. Then said "falcated and str8 sick are refusing to play on our team, they're requesting team transfers" Then by the rules, they could've replaced falcated and str8 sick with suspector and danoxide and kept their pro seed? allegiance couldve kept their pro seed with having 0 players from their previous roster. what kind of stupid garbage rule is this? ESL just make an exception to this clearly special case and dissolve that e6 pro seed.
  6. Remember when ESL added in the rule of "after 4 full replays, the 5th one will be a sudden death", MID-TOURNAMENT? But apparently ESL only likes to alter the rulebook at their choosing. League is actually becoming a joke.
  7. but here's the problem. even if cratos' team gets stomped and doesnt make worlds; his team will still get an automatic seed for the summer pro league season. it's trash
  8. wait so doesnt this screw over bubu and shooter and alg and 2gres team, and every other top am team? instead of fighting cratos' team for that 8th seed, they have to fight bubu and shooters team, which is pretty accepted to be the tougher roster. so the quality of competition is lowered in the pro scene. sad!
  9. But 13 is already allowed to compete in the FFAs without any issue. And if that's ok, why isn't 4v4 ok? If there are any rules/regulations about age I doubt they have a part about "FFAs are ok, but competing on a team is not". It sounds more and more to me that it was just a rule put in place arbitrarily, and now they're still fighting to remove it. Something that happens with 343 A LOT.
  10. There is no law in the US barring players under 16 from competing as long as there is parental consent. Europe has this law, but Shottzy doesn't live in the EU so I don't understand why this would have any baring on his ability to play. I don't think it would make sense for players from 1 country to have to follow another country's law when they dont compete in it.
  11. More like: "If you don't stop tweeting, were gonna take the nV skins off the store. Then you can explain why to Hastr0."
  12. finally. some new gametypes. Eden flag, Plaza flag, and Empire flag is back.
  13. People acting like public opinion about wallrunning will stop them from putting it in. Didnt work that way for everything else they've implemented in H4 and H5 that public opinion didnt want.
  14. esports arena needs help from a dead dying stagnanting scene? what does that say about them?
  15. https://twitter.com/HCSmemes/status/765389244579872773/photo/1 *When Optic drops you the day before Pro League
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