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  1. "What do you think of camo colored spartans instead of red and blue?"
  2. "We consulted the pro players in the scene to determine the groups. They're the ones who decided to place Str8 in Group D." - Tashi, when he inevitably posts his response on reddit.
  3. "We hoped everyone would forget we said HWC 2017 would have crowdfunding. Oops" - 343
  4. "That's a really good idea. That's why we've decided to completely ignore it." - 343/ESL
  5. Reminds me of that H2A Shrine snipe Snakebite hit a couple years ago
  6. nah they won 3 games in their last scrim before tonight. 3-10 vs musa, artic, brainstrm, tireiron...
  7. If Ninja and Roybox aren't at Worlds but Cratos is... The forums salt will overflow.
  8. Casting: EU > NA Production: EU > NA Community Interaction: EU > NA Passion to make HCS better: EU > NA Competition: NA > EU So many things I wish would carry over from the EU HCS Scene
  9. Man, I can't even imagine what it's like to get no feedback regarding an issue with your product. Just crazy.
  10. makes me think of the south park episode where they're purposely trying to lose their games. "we hate competitive Halo. the community is toxic and the pros are always complaining." "Well we cant just leave without justification; that'll make us look bad." "How about we just systematically destroy it over time, then eventually when people stop watching; we can drop it." ---- Fast forward 6 months ---- "What the fuck is wrong with this scene? Why won't they just stop watching and leave? Weve done everything we can to make this thing fail; but they wont leave."
  11. I hope either Inc or alg win worlds. I'd love to see 343/ESL have to explain why the team that won worlds has to qualify for pro league still
  12. Why would there be? It's not like they won an event or anything
  13. They just finished a scrim vs claim, articc, nemassist, rammy Pnda lost 5-6
  14. Maybe Danoxide should've been more professional and done the pon pon dance instead
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