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  1. So you're saying it'll be even more embarrassing when the millennial production is trash for the 3rd event in a row?
  2. did you just link your tweet when your account is protected?
  3. "Don't fix what isn't broken." - The opposite of 343's motto
  4. You think teams have to abide by the rules? A fake roster was knowingly submitted and allowed by ESL. Rules don't matter lmao.
  5. Did EG get Top 4 at Vegas and qualify for Worlds? Did EG get Top 8 at Daytona? Nope, EG got Top 12 at both of those events. A Top 12 team shouldn't be in an 8 team pro league. But, there is still massive outcry for the shady crap Cratos did to steal the pro spot from Bubu/Splyce.
  6. when you remember it's 343 and they'll probably screw it all up somehow
  7. E6 had money and they flew their team out to events. ok. But they also attacked the forums multiple times for "posting memes", joined in with MoneyMatches in creating fake twitter accounts to attack anyone who said anything bad about E6 on twitter. They allowed Cratos to break multiple rules and make a total ass of himself and their org and did nothing about it. They fucked over Stellur and Suspector when they were changed the amount for their contracts, which was a big reason why those players even left their teams to join anyways. They allowed Showtime to sign into Stellur's account and not give any punishment. Instead of releasing Bubu Dubu when they left the scene, they decided to hold him, and charge an overly insane amount of money that no org would buy out. Until MoneyMatches did, just to give the contract to Pnda. And they worked alongside Cratos and Showtime to make sure Bubu/Shooter got fucked over by allowing them to submit a false roster and steal the pro league spot. But yeah, one of the best orgs that Halo has ever seen.
  8. Hey guys, I think this place is pretty cancer and negative most of the time; but I'm still gonna make sure to milk you guys for extra views and money.
  9. Oh, look. It was Towey's monthly time to log into Beyond, promote his content, then leave.
  10. 2pm: Wake up 3pm: Tweet "soonTM" 4pm-11pm: Do fuck all 11:59pm: Tweet "Some recent developments came along. Tomorrow definitely!"
  11. the only thing I take from that announcement is, once again 'Not MLG'. The refusal to work with them is baffling
  12. I wish the employees of 343 had half as much passion for Halo as @@TheSimms and @@Clap do
  13. If NInja keeps this up, he'll be looking at a hot block from ESL's twitter
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