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  1. well cratos isnt even playing h5. he's still determined to get top 128 at a cod event.
  2. why does it feel like arguing with 343 is like arguing with a 4 year old? Community "This is terrible and needs to be changed" 343 "Nuh-uh, give us reasons why" Community "Ok, here are reasons why" 343 "That's not what our friend says" Community "Ok, but history tells us otherwise" 343 "Nuh-uh, I want proof" Community "The proof is right in front of your eyes" 343 *Throws tantrum*
  3. you guys assume 343 has already locked down a new TO. maybe theyre still working on it
  4. so we want events that have more downtime than gameplay? and events that push the winners semis to off-stream? and events with no b stream?
  5. listening to strongside and knighty try to out stutter each other yesterday
  6. Going from Strongside and Knighty to Walshy and Gaskin is like to night to day, goodness
  7. Dont let Cryptik losing to an EU team distract you from the best player in the game placing 13th at Dreamhack Denver
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