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  1. Whats your sens set to?. I had to go 3/5 but it will take some getting used to. Pondering whether to go 4/5 or 5/5. Thanks for the response BTW
  2. In overwatch you have to lead your shots really? so its projectile based not hitscan?.
  3. Does anybody else use long thumb sticks on there aiming stick? I used to use default until i got my elite, I have always played on 3 sens 2 accel with the default sticks and it worked well, i moved over to the long thumbsticks and i am loving how precise you can be with aiming with it. problem is i can't turn fast enough does anyone else find this with the long thumbstick?. This is strictly halo related ofc I wouldn't own an xbox if it wasn't for h5.
  4. Same here in the end but i am 3 sens 2 accel lol
  5. Haas anyone messed around with the thumbsticks on aiming?. I am trying to tall thumb stick on my aiming stick and i can't seem to get used to mid/close range gun play with it. How long does it normally take to adjust to this kind of thing?. might i haave to increase look accel to turn further?.
  6. Ah its a joke i see lol, I just think if they increased the spread by quite a margin at mid range even with ADS then AR would be much better don't you?. Seems they want to leave it as is with arena being Ar/pistol starts I have no idea why I like this game but its got quite a few issues, my biggest gripe is the gambling REQ system one thing reach did right i thought was the customization . OR should i say about the only thing reach got right. :P
  7. lol your signature? SR kills in 0.8? do you mean AR?
  8. Attach rate? Not familiar with that term.
  9. Whether any of us like the way halo has gone or not its here to stay and will be pretty much the same in 6 that much is obvious. The difference on the next one is we all will be able to play it on PC.
  10. Oh no doubt I actually tried default again tonight on 2h 3v 2a and it was out of control for me on default so i went down to 1.5h 2v 2a and it seems alot better for me now. Going to give it a day or two and up mine to horizontal to 2 to see if i can play well with that.
  11. I've been using delay on the elite app settings but with the Radial bar minimized seems to be working out a treat for me lately could be a placebo though
  12. Well my PC has Rec specs and i have an SSD to boot with it so i shouldn't see why it would be a problem. Going to take some getting used to you know aiming with the mouse. Are there casual modes with this game so i can practice?. Going to take a look now at buying it.
  13. I assume platform to game on is PC?. I have PC but not used to shooters on it really just my Xb1 is PC really that much better or am i likely to struggle?.
  14. I think Snipedown is on the same as what you have settled on. I have gone with 2.5/2.5/2 tonight played a fair few matches and it actually seems alright. Purchase the monitor Charles Sharkley suggested i use it and noticed an immediate difference While it won't make you Chuck Norris it will help.
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