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  1. Hi all, - Currently forming a long term team for online events & upcoming summer season LAN's. - Current roster is myself (Sayaer), and Supamillz. - We are looking for older more experienced players to round out our team, we need at-least one person with a strong snipe, and another all around player. - I can be reached via twitter @Sayaer, or reply here with interest and i will message my email if preferred. Will keep it short and to the point here, but we're running with various people over the next few weeks to see what works, just reach out and we can talk some more. Thank you! Brandon L. Sayaer
  2. Just got your message, apologies for the late delay @ tjhazuki. I'll add you tonight.
  3. Hey there, I'm looking for NOVA (northern virginia) / east coast players in general to roll with weekly. I'm on most nights past 8pm EST for atleast a few hours. I play a little bit of Warzone but spend most of the time in the Arena, Team Arena & Slayer specifically. Skill level is Diamond + so i'm looking for people on the same playing field. If your interested let me know, GT is Sayaer. Thanks.
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