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  1. Are teams allowed to make roster changes after this tournament or are rosters locked?
  2. I thought it was the flag return that he was pointing out but I was mistaken. It looks like Contra was pointing out lag, but not entirely sure.
  3. I sort of hope not, that guy rubbed me the wrong way in one of Flame or Maniac's vlogs a while back. Flexing every time he was on camera,
  4. Same dude, especially if they pick up Stellur. Might actually be my #1 team...
  5. I don't know, I sorta of like the idea of building the team up from a last place team. Seems sweeter in the end if they win.
  6. They've had these for months, which apparently lines up with the amount of time this has been in the works. The #Intel has been in front of our eyes the whole time!
  7. I hope that Maniac, Flame, and whoever else form a team for the open bracket. That would be hype.
  8. This is probably the best thing to possible happen to the Halo pro league and HCS, the way this drops right before the first week of matching is insanely captivating for fans as a whole and especially optic fans. I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of OpTic fans turn up for their match tonight. I'm so excited to see the viewership!!!!!
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