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  1. Just re-read some of my posts from back in the early 2010s. I was hella toxic at times. I am sorry to anybody I was a pretentious asshole to. I took this game way too seriously and acted like a shithead at times. Hard cringe at some of the stuff I said.
  2. Glad to see someone reviving this effort.
  3. So I don't play this game, but in Halo 2 Anniversary it was discovered how to make a halo 2 style spawn system with the scripting. I haven't touched Halo 5, so I don't know if it can be replicated, but here is the original post if any of you guys are curious enough to figure out if it's still a thing. I imagine with more tools that it might be possible. Original Thread (explains it way better than I can here how we did it): http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/7897-halo-1-style-spawning-in-h2a-2v2/
  4. Quick question. I haven't played since radar and 10 minute time limit got added to CE. Have those things been removed with the update yet?
  5. I always vote Halo 1. If Halo 1 is not available, I will vote Halo 2 BR starts. If that isn't available I will vote Halo 3 BR starts. If that isn't available, I vote for stabbing myself in the dick. If that isn't available, Halo 2 SMG or Halo 3 AR depending on map. If Halo 4 gets picked I quit. If SMG or AR starts on a shitty map, I quit.
  6. No. The point of playing 2 sets is that in a double elimination tournament, the whole point is to eliminate someone twice. If you only play one set and the person in winners loses, that person is only eliminated once. It is actually quite unfair to allow one team to lose once and still win the tournament without allowing the other team the same opportunity. You are essentially punished for going undefeated by only being allowed one loss while everybody else in the entire tournament, including those who placed last, are allowed 2 losses.
  7. I mean you could argue that adapting to wind is a skill and you can tell where it is coming from and how powerful. It could be a disadvantage, but I digress. It is small if anything.
  8. Again, we don't know how buffed the pistol actually is. It can be something really minor with a BR nerf which is why it is winning for all we know, or it could be buffed because they made the bullet magnetism stupidly high. I have never seen something come out how we ask or hope for since NB mod (even that had issues such as spread pistol and some wierd minor bugs). Even when they decided to re-release already created games that they only had to port, they fucked it up and didn't deliver on promises. How you can be so optimistic that 343i will deliver the pistol you hope and dream of is actually asinine to me. So far their track record is 10 bad decisions for every good decision at least (I would argue more). Also, the BR first bullet was not 100% accurate, but it was accurate enough that it only mattered on maps like vahalla. I think it was like 0.05 degrees or something from when someone pulled apart the code, but I can't quite remember. @MRGreen. The DMR oversteps the good at all, best at none because there is a range where it is better than the sniper on average, assuming the sniper is actually hard to use, and better than the other rifles on average.
  9. All of my arguments are based off three fundamental assumptions to Halo design: 1) The individual must be powerful enough to make a difference consistently -The player needs a weapon off spawn that can compete directly at all ranges while being the best at none. (this is where the DMR oversteps) -The utility weapon needs a fast kill time -Players need a decent sized clip and starting ammo -Players need to start with grenades -Players need to start with all basic attributes of a spawned player. 2) Map control must be rewarded without turning into a checkmate scenario -Sprint means that without utility map control is irrelevant on small>medium maps -Not having decent effective range means that clumping is more effective than spread out setups -Maps are now larger because of sprint than they were in halcyon days 3) Randomness is inherently bad for competition (this one doesn't relate directly to this topic) Lethality is important to deal with sprint because it effectively fucks up all 3 of these points. It makes power and utility more important so that people can't just run around without consequence. It makes map control weaker by allowing someone to challenge quicker. And it makes the game more functionally random (in the sense that there are more factors that the player cannot know during play and forcing more guesswork which isn't as bad as RNG, but isn't exactly good either) Congrats, I supported them day 1 as on map weapons and added them into all forge maps I made, and badgered Eric to test them on the MLG forums. We are on the same page here. Yes it is a faster kill time overall. That is why I want Pistol off spawn. However, it is not a fast kill time at long range because of the fact that it is not designed to be effective at that range. Therefore, on average the BR had a faster kill time at mid to long range. By spawning with both, you get both kill times.
  10. Again, the randomness was a small factor. Again, my main concerns are kill time and utility. Also, I invented orange (not so different after all eh?) and supported automatic secondaries as far back as Halo 2 (the idea being to have something to button combo with off spawn) and Halo 3 (the idea being AR would be used when you ran out of ammo).
  11. I supported the pre nerf halo 4 DMR because the BR was a 5 shot kill with almost as much spread as the Halo 3 BR and a kill time of about 1.8 seconds IIRC (essentially the slowest TTK of any primary weapon we have ever used) in a game with sprint which necessitates faster kill times to compensate. I didn't like the DMR because of it's effective range. I didn't like it at all. I liked it more than a nerf gun. When 4sk BR came out, I supported it over DMR because it was objectively the better utility weapon despite random spread. If I had then wouldn't I be supporting DMR start for Halo 5? Utility and time to kill are the most important factors for me because I think they are the most important factors for Halo. That's why I think Pistol/BR is the correct choice. It maximizes kill time more than picking either alone and maximizes effective utility. However, spawning people with a spray and pray to get spectator appeal is what everybody else is arguing it seems.
  12. That being said, we still don't know the applications or specifics of this buff or whether it will stay this way by launch. For all we know, the "buff" could be that it has ridiculous bullet magnetism now if it is a buff at all that is causing it to beat the BR out. It might just be that the BR is 5sk again or has lost most of it's bullet magnetism and that the buffs themselves are actually small. I have found that being skeptical with 343i is usually much more likely to be correct than being optimistic even when they flat out promise something good (anybody play MCC lately?). That being said, I am much more open to Pistol starts as an idea if it does turn out to be a decent utility weapon. EDIT: In fact to be honest, if it were a 4sk with no other changes it is objectively the better way to go, even if it makes the BR and DMR useless.
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