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  1. Isnt it called "mouse smoothing" enabled/disabled?
  2. Do you guys think that they will fix the Halo 2 bugs in Halo 2 classic for MCC PC? Really sad for me to know that I gave them the money for it and its not working.
  3. Why are all the pros streaming and playing Halo 3? How did it come about. Who, what, when, where, why?
  4. Triggering intensifies, bro. I just think its dumb. Would be better to THINK about some type of strategy to get Halo 2 Vista to blow up instead of putting your soul into getting a few people to install it. We live in the times of the internet where you have access to millions of people and viewers -- the era of killer apps and things "going viral". Maybe that would involve creating a really slick web app hosted in non NATO/DMCA compliant countries that did everything for you. But then they would extradite you to redmond, right? Im just saying that many people have been down that road before. I think it would make more sense to invest time into something meaningful. Sorry for triggering you i guess.
  5. is halo a casual title? is halo coming to pc? will halo ever be good again? does the halo community seriously play cod?
  6. OT: I am watching the full Bethesda interview at e3. I think that they are smart enough to create some interesting characters without hurting quake gameplay. I'm excited. Maybe one will run faster and another jump higher. We will have to wait and see.
  7. Judging from the way you talk, you are lying about the average population and misleading people about the quality of the games. I can also tell that you are relatively new to the "repopulate legacy game by getting people on the net to pirate it" space. I remember when I was new to the "repopulate x legacy game by getting people on the net to pirate it" space, how naive and well meaning I was back then.
  8. No, not really. There is no MLG because it has poor forge tools, has sprint, has no population, and is bad in general. PEAK MLG playlist was 10K in Halo 3. How big of a community do you think you need to "usually have an MLG going". I think you would need a lot more than 25 people for that to be true.. Are you telling me that more than 25 people who are good at Halo/MLG have Halo: Online installed and host games? I seriously doubt that. Why would anyone bother.
  9. I played Halo Online. What a joke. I pirated a few Call Of Duty games and such to play on Hamachi/Tunngle/Voobly in the past few years and played a good amount of Halo 2 Vista with friends on Tunngle and on Official Servers. It is such a nightmare to get people to install warez games like this and get it set up correctly. Don't even get me started on the Halo Vista mega thread here at beyond and the misguided evangelists who host the thread and tell people to get online to help create a Halo 2 Vista scene. Never.going.to.happen. You will never get good games or a good community going in this. Bottom line. Just close the thread and move along. Its a stupid joke. Anything that involves getting people to copy DLL's and path directories means you already messed up with your game.
  10. Makes me sick how many plebe Halo players want the game to remain exclusive to console and stuck in training wheels. One of the main reasons the franchise is dead is because it has been stuck catering to console plebes since 2011 when gaming moved to PC. They would not have to copy COD if their target audience wasn't meat head console players.
  11. So I hear Halo 5 is indeed not coming to PC. Whats the deal guys? I hear Halo 6 probably will but is there any talk about TMCC or 5 coming over that has not been invalidated yet?
  12. Are you kidding me? Reach was way better than 4. I played almost as much Reach as I did Halo 3 and stuck it out for a long time. I only played Halo 4 on 1-2 occasions but that game was such a piece of shit I think it might even be worse than Halo 5.
  13. aaaaaand, its still a dumb hack. sorry but any mention of DLLs or client hacking (even if its only for controller support) means that this audience will not populate the game. sad to say but I hear overwatch is fun
  14. I remember watching OGRE2 play TMCC Halo 2 and complaining about some problems with it. What are the official problems? Obviously its fully updated with all the maps but I remember hearing him mention a registration issue with weapons. TMCC may be a pos and I'm really happy that this has been released, but I'm afraid that it probably wont have the same effect that something like the new open source Brood War client that they announced on TL last week. While my 3 Halo friends and I, who abandoned consoles in 2011, would probably love to play some Halo 2 Vista in this client, I know most of you people and hardcore community from the USA (only viable ping) mostly own Xboxes and will just play the game on your 60fps potatos instead of populating this. That being said sign me up ill check it out next weekend.
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