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  1. Why anyone even teams with hysteria still is beyond me. Dude is the definition of clown shoes. He can blame his piss poor attitude for why he won't be a halo 5 "pro". People will only take your shit for so long before you've burned every bridge.
  2. Why do people say this about fis or t2 or whichever old legend? The top 8 has some great talent in it, who would you replace with fis or t2? They're not good enough.
  3. I worded that poorly as I was leaving work. It is my proprietary method. I just meant that I use advanced analytics to come to my conclusion just as they do. Footballoutsiders also does not reveal their methods or their system. @ lethul. Yes, my scores are weighted based on opposing team strength (beating eg means more than beating optic) as well as recent results (regional wins mean more than wins from OQ 1 obviously. The most heavily weighted wins are from the past two weeks to a month. I still however use scrim results because scrims matter believe it or not. Fuck it, I will give this forum most of the method I use:KD, Kda, deaths, damage dealt, accuracy and a few others that I take into account. I take into account total game time I.e how long did each game take. This tells me about team strategies and their effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Team cohesion. How long has team x played together with the current lineup. Roster lock has helped this. I then establish a baseline or average and I work my process from there. That's basically it. It takes work and my free time and I present them without apology. There it is folks. crush me if you'd like. Disagree or agree. Call me names or tell me that it's meaningless. your decision.
  4. But its the result that matters not the process. Care or dont care. That is up to you.
  5. This shit would have had me immediately banned but its all good. I dont even care. I didnt know you had an issue with me. I attack no one who doesnt first attack me. I dont mind being the villain though I guess.
  6. Are you high? How about looking at the top of the page, maybe then you would realize that I was defending myself. I have literally never said anything about tormented or chad or what they do even though its just copy and paste. Its absolutely laughable that people are attacking the process instead of the results. Why is that? Because the scores have been largely correct but because I dont explain them in detail they mean nothing and people can fire cheap shots at me? Fuck that.
  7. Its not about competition to be honest. I am not threatened like some other cats on this forum. Yes Mike, it is proprietary. If you're familiar with footballoutsiders I use many of their methods and systems.
  8. My top 4 not at worlds: 1.) Mikwen 2.) Maniac 3.) Ryanoob 4.) Munoz
  9. This guy. Another of the copy and paste guys who think theyre changing the way halo is looked at because they go to halotracker and drop some results. No depth to any of it. Are you and Chad both threatened? You shouldnt be. I have said from day 1 what I do is something different for the community to digest and comment on. I have NEVER and I mean absolutely NEVER EVER proclaimed to be genius or any other ridiculous term you want to use. I dont have smartest man in the room personality and I offered these up with constant backlash towards the process and NOT for the results. Take your cheap shots somewhere else. I am not biting this time like I did before with Audley. I am the one who will get the 3 day ban because reasons I guess. Keep up the good work champ. Copy and paste for life.
  10. Very carefully and deliberately. The model that I use has zero bias(because numbers dont lie) which is why its frowned upon by some folks when the model shows players like 2gre and Ola to be bottom tier pros and teams like nV to be not as good as peoples preconceived notions make them out to be. If I said to someone that Peyton Manning may be the GOAT but he is not as effective as he used to be, how many people would rail against that statement? NONE is the answer because its obvious and true. Now if I say that about 2gre, all aboard the downvote train baabay. Choo-Choo
  11. I never used the words sucks or washed. Thats a blatant misconception. He just isnt god tier anymore and just because his name is 2gre and his history in other Halo titles is unmatched, that doesnt mean that he is still as good as he once was. Its a different game H5 and I dont understand why some people get so up in arms about my scorchin fiery hot taeks? They were beat in pool play, they didnt win a single series and I am wrong? Meh
  12. I sure do. I am actually finishing up the scores from the NA teams at worlds. As an aside, I dont know why there is so much push back against my scores? Have they been so hideously wrong that they need to be thrown out? I think they have actually done a pretty good job of predicting which teams are the best teams but I am obviously bias.
  13. I hardly think it matters how many the number of wins may be, especially considering that Denial is getting an insane amount of TB love" for their single top 8 finish all season. Regardless, I will defer to you and to other posters who know more about the EU scene than I. From what i know, it seems that Epsilon is the best team with the best opportunity of beating an NA team at worlds.
  14. No, you tried to make the LAN experience argument and I countered the point. I am actually the guy who said that LAN experience means very little when people were telling me that I was wrong about 2gre and Ola and they would be fine once they were on LAN about 2 months ago. I wont gloat about who was right and who was wrong on that topic. B) I actually agree with you about LAN.
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