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  1. Evolve, improve whatever you wanna call it. It's been 15 years since the original Halo. To specifically address sprint (I really don't care about the other abilities, I'm neutral) I feel it's done a lot for the game, it creates a much faster pace. Increasing base speed could've been a decent addition, but then again this is where things get too pedantic and a 'rip and replace' mentality sets in, which does no good for the game, the community or the developers. Ultimately, the game needs to move forward and it has, it's still one of the best pure FPS' out there. 343 announced they're addressing the radar issue, let's just wait and see what they come up with... I'm just hoping they've taken on board all of the feedback from the pros and the community. Why is Halo 6 being mentioned right now? It won't be out for another two years? maybe longer? Nevertheless, to say Halo 6 basically needs to become a Halo 2 or 3 with added thrust ability is very unlikely and I think if people begin to 'wait' until Halo 6 comes out, a vast majority of people will be sorely disappointed. On a side note; are the servers fucked today or what?!
  2. I get that you guys want certain things for Halo... but why can't everyone just accept this is Halo fucking 5. Not Halo 2, Not Halo 3, It's Halo 5. Yes, radar in my opinion is a problem, it provides way too much free information - Ok. But when people complain about clamber, sprint, thrust, spartan abilities it baffles me. A game's gotta evolve. It's been, what, 15 years since Halo CE. I agree with someone earlier who said the population won't ever reach Halo 2 / Halo 3 heights; there are far too many factors. New games like BF1, CoD (what a piece of shit), LoL, Overwatch... etc players moving on, people getting older... the interest just isn't what it was because it hasn't been as groundbreaking as it first was when it came out... like Apple and their stupid products over the past 2 years. On the other hand it's taken far, far, far too long for 343 to react to what the community has been saying for months, which is disappointing but at least now they're realizing they fucked up and are slightly more quicker expedite changes. Halo is still one of the cleanest and purest shooters but you gotta let the game give a little. #NoRadar
  3. Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh First of all dude League of Legends is an entirely different game built for PCs/Laptops. And yes, the level of competition is extremely high because the game has around 60million + unique players per month across the globe. When you said, "the player would be a god in a way that you couldn't have in LoL" is simply untrue. I'm not sure if you're aware of the scene but there are ridiculously high level 'God-tier' players i.e. Faker, Pray, Uzi (when he was good), Bengi, Ambition etc. The other thing is an FPS shooter, LoL is a MOBA / RTS... Halo has far too many variants in the game for a 'God-tier' player to emerge i.e. power weapons, spawns, randomness (you run along and find a scattershot on the floor or rockets or a sniper with 3 bullets in it), glitches (very seldom). I know LoL pretty well, and in fact placed Plat 3 last season, Plat 4 the season before and placed Diamond 5 on the Garena servers. I love Halo but I pretty much suck at it HERE HERE
  4. I actually did play slayer and played on orion and it was horrible. But it feels like the aiming in general - specifically team arena - feels shit. maaaaan.
  5. Totally off topic but... it feels like the aiming has gone back to shit? There's immense reticule lag. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  6. I wonder what the pro's make of the new update and the elimination of reticule lag... I think TuFoxy and Jimbo said the pros would feel as though it was a 'new game'
  7. I've been out for a while. Why the FUCK was the production value and new update a year late?! Such a sick stream today
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