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  1. I love this site and community so I hope you all don't take this the wrong way but this one single thread with everything in really makes the scene hard to follow unless you're fully invested. I've been away for a bit and feel I've missed so much info. Is there somewhere I can see news, rumours, drama and stuff without having to sift through pages and pages of memes and, no offense, posts I don't really care about every day? Is there a Twitter account that keeps up to date with this stuff I can follow? I wish there was a button so I could only see the starred "popular" posts do make daily browsing a bit more.. bite size. Or maybe the Team Beyond home page with all the news should post a 'This Week on Beyond' or something with recaps of what's happened over the past week instead of stuff like Games With Gold, Destiny, Gears of War, Doom etc. info that I'm pretty sure nobody comes here to read about. I remember during rostermania there wasn't a single news post on the home page about any of it and I had to go through hundreds of pages to find out what was happening.
  2. Probably get negged to hell for saying this but I like the pool play single elim format. Besides EG lost to Renegades and lost to CLG, they got double eliminated anyway, based on this weekends performance they deserve the placement they got. Sure on paper they're the second best team but Halo aint played on paper and they failed to show up this weekend.
  3. 4:25pm GMT no? We're 7 hours in front of PDT and our clocks don't change 'til next weekend.
  4. Allegiance should comfortably top Group A, if Liquid have a bad day then Chosen Squad & Excel both have the quality to take games off them, I think they're being overlooked a little. Will be an interesting group unless Liquid show up strong. EG and Renegades to go through Group B, but RNG already choked against an EU team at X games so Infused could be a tricky one for them. Hope they don't overlook them too much. Denial & Elevate to comfortably take Group C, FaBe & Immunity won't have enough about them despite Elevate being the weakest of the NA teams right now imo. CLG obviously to top Group D. Cloud 9 vs Epsilon is going to be fire, they better schedule that for the final game on stream as it's surely going to be a straight shootout between them to who qualifies. Epsilon need to start scrimming NA teams now if they haven't been already. My predictions: Allegiance & Liquid | Evil Geniuses & Renegades | Denial & Elevate | CLG & Epsilon
  5. Entire weekend was awesome, can't wait for Worlds and beyond.
  6. Good guys Denial, setting up Naded for that first major win for $1million+
  7. It's so fucking stupid that they've shown that forge McDonalds some 50 times but I haven't seen a single Team Beyond video on stream when they're always great quality. SMH
  8. My bad. Optic 3-0 Allegiance and Allegiance going home. Optic 3-1 Allegiance would give every team 7 wins each, then idk what would happen? Optic 3-2 Allegiance, Allegiance go through with 8 wins with TP because of tie breaker.
  9. Optic have to 3-0 Allegiance to go through on a tie breaker, that would give them 6 wins total. Allegiance already have 6 wins so just need to take 1 game from Optic to qualify and top the group even if they lose the series. Triggers Pound's 3-0 gives them 7 wins total so they are guaranteed qualification. Maybe if they didn't get 3-0d on day one Optic would have a chance but surely it's not going to happen.
  10. While you've all been dank memeing I made an event thread on Reddit for Day 1. I'll be keeping it updated with all the scores and stuff. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/46mf23/event_thread_halo_world_championship_na_regional/ Subreddit mods doing their own thing so deleted mine.
  11. You've probably turned your GPS settings off or something, but Google can still get your general location from your IP address.
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