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  1. Downton Abbey didn't survive by holding on to the past and neither will you!
  2. Not since the major ankle reconstruction surgery... took a lot out of the poor guy
  3. What!? I brought my flame ******ant suit and everything! Do you EVEN know how Internet forums work? You can't just listen to a reasonable argument and be persuaded! How dare you, sir!
  4. I couldn't find this posted via the search feature. Someone at my work created this neat emotionally downbeat montage about the teams that didn't make Worlds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOEuhcBnpog
  5. From Bravo's first update of 2016: Holiday Playlist Popularity By total unique users 1.Warzone 2.Slayer 3.Team Arena 4.SWAT 5.Big Team Battle 6.Holiday Social 7.Warzone Assault 8.Breakout 9.Holiday Doubles 10.Free for All Doubles: not that popular apparently.
  6. That's a decent analogy and fairly convincing. Essentially, you're saying that a game ​requiring​ teamwork because individual skill can't trump team-shot doesn't mean teamwork is any less important in a low-TTK game where individual skill can trump a team-shot. However, you're strawman-ing again in your second paragraph: no one is arguing that holding a static power position and relying on geometric and numerical advantages takes more teamwork. In fact, that's not how anyone plays Halo. You'll see this echoed in how the pro players will voice their support/preference for objective game types, and the fact that no one evangelizes that strategy. And I'm confused by your Red Rover v. Hockey analogy, but that's besides the point, and I think you already made a good one. To advance our discussion, though, what about this thought: to execute a successful flank in a high-TTK game that requires team-shot means the flanker cannot mistime the attack with their teammates. Doing so would result in the scenario you originally describe. While in a low-TTK game, the flank maneuver doesn't have to be timed as well due to the flanker's individual skill being able to make up the failings of the team. Therefore, flanking maneuvers (one of the most common tactics in games) are more difficult to execute in high-TTK games. I think this is a more accurate representation of the point I was attempting to make earlier.
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