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  1. Hoping this will attract new players and bring back the ones who left. Exciting stuff!
  2. Gamertags: FioppiE, I Dodge Bulletz Team Name: Quamesha Robinson
  3. It makes sense that Frankie said what he said. They would have to rework core mechanics of their input and character animations which could break other things if they did it wrong.
  4. This is setting up to be a huge success or a massive failure. I rarely get excited for things like this but Halo 2 was a game that changed my life. If this is confirmed and they stay true to the original then Halo will make a huge comeback. If it's denied this community will lose what little momentum we have left. Crossing my fingers...
  5. If it's on a weekend, my friend and I would be in 100%. He has a nice setup for CE 2v2s and we rarely find anybody to play with
  6. I also use and recommend the ASUS VH236H
  7. Making even a simple video game takes a lot of work, knowledge, and collaboration. It would be a massive undertaking to actually develop a shooter with the members of a community and no real resources. If we're talking about modding something (i.e. Murder Miners) that's a different story, but creating something of our own from the ground up is impractical. However, I am currently attending Full Sail for Game Development with the intentions of eventually working on a Halo title after gaining many years of experience in the industry.
  8. Is this the biggest troll ever? Did they really just say they can't please everyone? "We're excited to see everyone out at this event"??! This is such a fucking joke.
  9. hey i've been invited to the the global championship and am always looking for practice. my gt is fioppie
  10. I'm still in need of a place to stay so even if you are not going maybe you could mention it to anyone you know who is, it would be a huge favor to me and greatly appreciated
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