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  1. Simple if the organizer knows what he/she is doing/looking for. I had the venue set up a dedicated internet line just for Halo to avoid any issues. It is possible.
  2. Set up a dedicated Internet line that fit the specifications we asked for.Pretty much guaranteed that Internet wouldn't be an issue. I personally knew the servers would work because of that online qualifier, it had to work. So yeah some good reasoning and some prayers
  3. Wow...this means more than you know. Might even get a little just reading it. The overwhelming positive response from EGLx means everything as this truly was a grassroots LAN. Built from the bottom just through the staff we had. We had a great showing, and it showed when everyone was showcasing it's support on the Sunday when they noticed how well the event was running. I couldn't have done it without the amazing production of P5 Studios and great staff from Fletch here. Funnily, enough I found Fletch through the forums and he reached out to me for that floor manager position and he excelled. Hopefully there are more Open LANs to come as I think we proved how it can be done. Learned from the mistakes previously, and honestly..it was practically flawless. Some minor issues here and there, but we had almost every game go from start to finish. Thanks all. :hearts: :sunglasses:
  4. EGLx Toronto Final Results: 1. Fatal Ambition - Stress, Blaze, Burton, Tizoxic $6,000 2. Earthroot Gaming- Low Kazo, eh Gab, Krehky, Darksky- $3,000 3. Vain Esports- Moniz, Expozur,Xpoits, Blasta - $1,000 4. Shark Squad- BertTheBigHurt, FearitSelf, Drewsky, CrispyDew 5/6 Top Shelf - Preschool, Jawshe, Ajack, Neastlake 5/6 Myth- Focus, 6ixGod, HailChris, Limit 7/8 The Randoms- Romo Musa, RealisedG, Kourages 7/8 Mercy eSports- SeeSaw, Brink, PikachuPotPie, Shagie Thank you for everyone who tuned in and it showed that Halo LANs even with a good amount of teams can still be done. Hopefully we have more LAN events in the future open to all teams. I had a blast, with a great staff. We worked our butts off and with limited technical issues, we flew by that bracket quickly! Till next time!
  5. Sorry I was all over the place. Not easy to run LANs for two tournaments let alone one Bracket for Halo Pool Play is: http://challonge.com/EGLxHaloChamp and the remaining team roster's are: Vain Esports - Moniz, Xploits, Blasta, Expozur Fatal Ambition - Stress, Blaze, Tizoxic, Burton Mercy eSports- SeeSaw, Brink, PikachuPotPie, Shagie Earthroot Gaming- Low Kazo, Krehxy, Darksky, Royal (eh Gab) Flawless - Clutchy, Sacrifice, Fraim, KMaddify Legacy eSports - Str8 Snip3n, Labxl, Clouded, charliedubnut The Randoms- Romo, Musa, RealisedG, Kourages Hyper Lethal- Epos gaming, druk84, skroshimo, Pick6 Shark Squad- Drewsky, CrispyDew, BertTheBigHurt, FearitSelf Rip The Shot- Sluggz, Sir Laj, Marsh Matters, Apex Solar Alpha Flight - Sleight of Hand, Battlesnipe, Ayanami X, Historic Resurrection- Sir Rift, Western, Rambo, Cherry Too Close- Dragun, Daze Swag, Vato, Koopa Top Shelf- Neastlake, Jawshe, Preschool, Ajack Myth- Focus, 6ixGod, Limit, HailChris Netflix and Kill- Vinny Stillahz, MetalGearPrime, Rizogue, iCobbs
  6. Rap Battles used to be a big thing back in the H2/Beginning of H3 days at events. Reminds me Wilmer's "Yo Momma" show way back aha
  7. That game was a classic! What a finish! Great times for Sakho and Lovren to get some goals.
  8. Voodooman

    NHL Thread

    My bad I copied a Mark Master's Tweet. My fault there. Still though, it is just strange to see 6v8 in the West. Either way my interest is a little diminished with the lack of Canadian teams but I wish them all good luck
  9. Well this news sucks for EGLx. Was looking forward to the couple pros who were going to go to Toronto. I guess if you are an AM and want a chance to do well, this tournament now is wide open and a great opportunity for yourself. Also excited about Pro League and looking forward to the LAN and Season Finals info.
  10. Voodooman

    NHL Thread

    If we ignored that random seeding format we would have this for Eastern Conference Washington - Detroit Pittsburgh - Philly Florida - Tampa Rangers - Islanders Yeah no tougher/exciting matchups there.
  11. Go Go Go if nobody got it yet. Rather someone who will use it get it! aha
  12. Voodooman

    NHL Thread

    I hate the playoff format. They should just go back to 1v8, 2v7 etc. Just messed up looking at Western conference. Honestly though with no Canadian teams....I don't care who wins. Good luck to all. Just waiting on next one already.
  13. I kind of like Mata myself personally But man Arsenal setting up for 4th place again.
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