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  1. Hi, Halo has always been no radar for competitive play. Esports is breaking records and crossing thresh holds it never has before. A large amount of people are starting to invest into the Electronic gaming industry. The history of "sports" we want Halo and other games to be competitive for it to be called a "sport." In football you have plays, another member from the opposing team at any given time has the opportunity to make a "play." Same with halo, no radar allows people to be awarded for using awareness, knowledge, and skill. The games mechanics are fast pace and people believe radar is needed for proper communication, and dictating where enemies will be pushing from. However, if its competitive and to be called a "Pro sport" giving your spartan a tool to indicate the opposition (radar) is equivalent to telling to telling another coach how your guards block for holes in football. In sports, you study and do a collective number of things to get an advantage of the opposition. Your skill level is merely a collection of knowledge, awareness, and reaction time. We the community and many other communities besides halo want to keep growing. To change the mind of people whom only believe athletes have to be physically able. Halo, which started the movement with no radar, should still be no radar simply because it makes the game more competitive. That is what we are here for, we have it twisted. This should not be a matter of community, nor developer, but a matter of competition. We keeping moving halo towards other games, but forget people play halo because its different. CoD is CoD, TitianFall is TitanFall, as Halo is Halo. Halo has moved in a direction of simulation rather than uniqueness. Halo 5, is very unique, I love the game! BUT, servers and radar in competition allows for no skill gap. Once again, every sport has a skill gap, or there would not be any "Professional" organizations.

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