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  1. I'm looking to get into smash bros 4. I've never owned a smash game before and I will soon be getting one. I know only the basics of smash so I was wondering what are the advanced moves that I'v heard a lot about?
  2. I think that Halo 4 still would have been the premiere xbox shooter of its time. The only gripe with that order is that there would have been SO much community complaining about all the changes in CE.
  3. I had the funnest PvE experience I've ever had in destiny with a friend of mine. The enemies as a whole are really fun to fight to me and I like the bosses in general although they could be perhaps more unique. I have yet to participate in a raid/strike and have yet to finish the campaign though. As of now PvE 9/10 in my opinion they nailed it and that is what I focus on in Destiny. PvP 6.5/10. It could get better with a couple of changes but I doubt better that an 8.5/10 with a ranking system.
  4. Can I get some links to beginner videos?
  5. If an Anniversary edition of Reach came out and in it 343 had the NBNS setting then I think that it would be great. Also it would be cool if a Halo side game package for the XBONE came out. With ODST, Wars, and Reach all remastered for a 2016 or 17 release date
  6. For another year probably but for any longer 343 would have to continually support it which they will be doing for H5. In the long run I honestly believe that H5 will outsell Halo MCC. Its a new game, designed for the XBONE, back to its roots and newer. Plus new games are coming out that will grab the attention of Halo fans who don't like H5 (though I trust that many will). To list some, Destiny (Bungie will support this for at least 7 years), Rainbow 6 Siege, Tom Clancy's the Division, the COD series, etc.
  7. Do you think that if the grenade shaking was toned down to minimal significance that it would add to the gameplay by making hades as a tool to slightly hinder opponents before engaging?
  8. Just because something doesn't make sense to you doesn't mean that those who it doesn't make since to do not know what they're talking about. Halo being a good casual game is as important as it being a good competitive one. There are plenty of casuals who have played Halo a lot and are good but have opinions about gameplay that conflict with yours. The more the competitive community alienated itself from the overall Halo community the worse it gets.
  9. I was not implying that it had to be done in Halo just that it could be done without many repercussions.
  10. Snipedown, Ola, Chalkie, Strongside, and Lethul are my top 5 from what I've seen.
  11. I don't like H2 button glitches The Halo community is the reason that Halo's competitive scene was dead for so long COD BO2 is up there next to Halo 2/3 COD takes just as much skill as Every Halo minus Halo 2 Halo needs to attract the COD audience by providing a fun, fast paced alternative Halo movement speed should be 105/110% what it is now I like Halo 4 Spartan Ops more than any Halo firefight Extraction is one of the best Halo game types Halo team slayer should be one map game type in a best of 5 because obj game modes are so much funner to watch and take more skill Halo splitting into factions like casual and competitive and then degrading each other is bad (and this is majority the competitive players faults)
  12. Do you think that if the grenade shaking was toned down to minimal significance that it would add to the gameplay by making hades as a tool to slightly hinder opponents before engaging?
  13. True it doesn't add anything but it doesn't detract from gameplay. Its one of those things that just is a staple of modern fps games and makes the game a little more welcoming to new players without being noob friendly.
  14. H2A is supposed to keep the classic feel while adding to the gameplay and since made hit markers don't really detract from gameplay them as a more modern Halo element and addition.
  15. 1. No grenade screen shaking 2. New shotgun design (Very picky but yeah) I know people are saying off with Grenade Indicators but I feel that having them doesn't really detract from the skill gap in any significant way so keep 'em as an innovation to Halo. I also feel that made hit markers are important to have so that the play can make strategic decisions and callouts based on whether or not they hit the person.
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