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  1. Halo CE 10/10 Halo 2 10/10 Halo 3 8/10 Reachdan6/10 Halo 4 2/10 Halo 5 5/10 Halo 5 is a okay game but only five ranked playlists?!? You got to be joking. Also the banning system is ********. If you lose connection to the servers, even in post game, it's counted as a quit. I will give it a higher rank when it gets fixed.
  2. Does anyone have a number reference to how many players are currently playing halo 5 today then what was at launch night?
  3. So I don't know about anyone else but I've been getting banned for things unrelated to game quitting. Many times they all result in losing connection to the halo 5 servers but last night I got put on a 23 hour ban for losing connection to the post game lobby. The match was finished and my team won but it still counted it as a quit. This is something I feel 343 needs to address and fix fast.
  4. When designing the basic floor layout, would it be best to shoot for primitives as floor blocks or using actual floor blocks in the structure category? Love to hear advice and thoughts from you all about this.
  5. I just got banned for 2 hours for quitting out of my own custom game. I was checking out the new maps and boom! Banhammer strikes. Too funny!
  6. Haha just got banned for losing connection to the servers mid game. I'm pretty sure it's because of this winter storm in my area affecting internet speeds.
  7. I've just been kicked off two games in a row now. Weird things happening tonight. I also seem to not be able to reconnect either and I have pretty great internet speeds.
  8. Anyone else noticed an occasional "lost connection to game server" recently? I was practicing jumps in custom games by myself just now and had to restart the game a few times now. I noticed some nights this happens also at random times in matchmaking. It's not a huge deal as usually restarting halo fixes it but I figured I'd ask the community. I also have had a few really laggy matches. Server issues?
  9. New to the competitive scene! Just wanted to say hello. Looking for any fun players to run games with. Currently a Diamond 6 in slayer and Onyx 1652 for ffa but I'm hoping to get more into team arena.
  10. Looking for any local North Dakota players! Trying to set up a bigger local scene for small tournaments or just friendly online play.
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