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  1. This is completely wrong and so was someone else above. Royal 2 left because he wasn’t old enough even though we were actually really good with him, then replaced him with Ace later down the road, grinded an online ladder for seed, then played in back to back online tournaments where the first top 8 teams of the “qualifier” qualified for the regional LAN event, then we qualified in the second. We got dominated on LAN because we had to face coL round 1 who was one of the most dominate CoD teams of all time then had to face FaZe lbr1. It sucked because the year before they took 16 N.A. teams not 8, so tbh we did pretty damn well in the short amount of time but none of us actually cared enough to grind it out on our own long enough after that event. #facts
  2. He did, however he also chose to keep SK on the roster instead of me back in the middle of 09, where we were trying to form the team of Heinz, Hysteria, Pistola, and Myself, only for us both to fail and get 5/6th at champs that year smh. I still want to know how good that team would have been at the time
  3. Snip3down


  4. There is no chance we get top 16 lol, top 32 would be a realistic goal but even that would be a huge accomplishment for the amount of time we have had to practice, not to mention our very minimal points. We need to pull off some miracle upsets but you know we will be going hard
  5. I just want to clarify I really don’t plan on switching barring some miracle placing at this event with a week of practice, I just like to give 100% if I’m going to compete.
  6. Want to know why H3 was such a competitive game? Because the game and weapons forced map progression, if you had a teammate sitting top center on narrows with a BR spawn watching cannon, he was actually useles. Imagine having the H5 BR watching cannon in H3, literally a free perfect every time. Now imagine the tuning BR? Well, if he does perfect him, HOLY SHOTS and man I bet that felt good! Just food for thought
  7. I like the new BR, feels like Halo, it’s only trash in comparison to the god pistol now, just like every other weapon. DMR was balanced to be a long distance weapon which is what it’s meant for, camo is actually camo, pistol magnetism breaks the game so all you guys who love missing shots and still getting hit markers must be the ones complaining about the new BR. If everyone starts with it, no one is at a disadvantage. Before the BR was literally broken, I would miss shots and the game would just hand me a perfect. Plz learn to lead and actually keep your reticule on your enemy, I don’t notice the random spread of the BR at all, and if we could deal with H3 spread then this is fkn incredible in comparison to that BR.
  8. I’m talking about the amount of free play, timely matches, and lack of issues directly related to the operations of the event. I’d you read more of my tweets I touched on the WB semis not being shown and how a B stream would benefit everyone, but hey if you want to take my one tweet as “this event couldn’t have been better!” then go ahead
  9. Yea I 100% agree with all of the casual communities being a large support group for the game, and tbh they have done a fantastic job with Forge, Warzone, and all of that in game. I would love some forge integration to merge the communities. Forge is incredible, there is no way there aren't good replacements for what we have. am strictly talking about launch and the competitive side of the game here. MLG always did a great job with settings and getting the competitive community involved with fun open tournaments and great settings we enjoyed. It took us a long time with NBNS but that felt like a breakthrough for the community. Then after that everything just started changing and the competitive players were playing what was released with very little say in anything settings or game related. H4 came out with tons of open issues, but one good gametype that has since expired. Then H2A came out, and if you didn't feel like that game was exactly what H4 should have been on H2 maps then idk. Yet the game issues held it back on launch, etc. You get what I mean. From a competitive standpoint it would be a lot easier to work together to get the game we want, as we are seeing success in other games getting the same. In that being said I do feel like this past Dreamhack brought some spark back, barring the stream issues, but the event itself was a huge success being there. Edit* I butchered my original post and even confused myself. This is what I meant.
  10. I'm convinced Bungie sabotaged Reach so Destiny would be huge and people would follow Bungie not Halo after the abysmal game Reach was. Genius in a way ... but Reach was the least appealing game ive ever played. Halo should have strayed away instantly but instead we followed along and somehow made settings worse..even after improving them with NBNS? Yet somehow we add sprint right back into the game without a toggle option. Halo couldn't code KoTh, made oddball the weight of a piece of paper, the flag couldn't be dropped and always had an indicator above their head, and strayed even further away from what everyone chose to love early on in Halo's history. Then we get H2A, broken game on launch, 3 maps, but at least we had gametypes that worked.. only for H5 to come out and remove the best new gametype we saw from H4, completely trash Oddball and KoTh, two of the most iconic gametypes from Halo and now we have been stuck playing the same 3 gametypes on a ton of different maps that have all become stale because there are literally no good replacement maps. I really am just hoping all of our complaining goes into H6 and we can get a solid launch with a game that creates constant content keeping people around. There is way too much public info for H6 at launch to be a bust if they listen, I am just hoping they find ways to keep people interested if the game is going to be on another 3 year lifecycle. I read all of what I typed above and just ask myself .. "how many conflicting ideas are going on at 343" it's like no one is on the same page when designing these game traits
  11. Beause it wasn't, it was just heartbreaking. That team was failing. tD dropping Pistola for Totz has got to be the worst team change of time. I mean cmon... is it even comparable?
  12. Adding 343 to the event definitely causes conflicts internally. Instead of running everything how UGC is used to they have a format, schedule etc, and the biggest factor of them all..? Lenox is gone from 343 and he had been running proudiction for years. It's a brand new employee running his first event here this weekend, so it's understandable why it's not up to standards, but still not acceptable.
  13. This was a montage a fan made for nV, he came to my chat and wanted me to see it, pretty cool stuff. P.S. I had no influence on this montage
  14. I went to college and his comments pissed me off... I am assuming he was responding to someone antagonizing him but god damn is it easy to get him riled up. I would have hit that unsub button instantly if I heard someone sound that unappreciative for what we are able to do, and not only that it's the people who have that extra income that help him even make that money in the first place. Disgusting
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