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  1. Haven't watched since the Halo 5 worlds. God I missed Halo 3. Also I miss Frosty
  2. My prediction for a tournament 1 year from now. Liquid 3rd NV 2nd OG 1st
  3. Watching this series in the backroom at work. They are both so good.
  4. Wow that OpTic comeback. Also yea this venue is embarrassing for a world championship. The casters and gameplay is the only thing salvaging this.
  5. Haven't been on here in a while. Didn't even realize there was a tournament this weekend. Great way to start my spring break I guess.
  6. Whoever is in charge of choosing locations for tournaments, I have a couple quick questions. 1.) ...Why 2.) Who do you think you are 3.) Where do you get off 4.) Does Vladimir Putin have a video of you peeing on anybody 5.) Who hurt you 6.) ****
  7. Don't let the fact that Str8 hoodies haven't shipped yet distract you from the fact that I would really like a Final Boss hoodie please and thank you.
  8. This listen in sounds like when Bruce Almighty hears everyone in the world praying
  9. Renegade the greatest Str8 player to ever live? Tune in to find out.
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