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  1. Hello everyone on Teambeyond. My real name is not Arby its just my Gamertag. Maybe someday when the time arrives i will share my real name.( Thinks he s a underdog lol) I live in Germany in Hamburg. My hobbies are playing Halo , Halo is life. No matter how bad it is. I am playing halo often alone because I cant find a team who stays with me. It doesnt mean I am playing Halo always alone. I met very nice guys on Xbox Live. But the thing is i dont want to be a normal "competitive player". I want to climb up leaderboards. I had my first tournament on teambeyond hosted by 812HZ. Maybe some of you want the same thing as I am. So here is a little information about me. Have a nice day.
  2. I joined a tournament (1v1) its today. And the rules are saying :REPORTING MATCHES 1. Both opponents are required to report their match results. Failure to submit results in time will lead to an automatic loss. And where can I report my match results?
  3. Stats for my tournament. I read the tournament rules and they say i should send my stats in time but where?

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