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  1. Lol I can only imagine how many problems there will be with H5 Beta
  2. This is sick. It would be cool to know how many teams will be able to compete at these events, and what it takes to get HCS points. Hopefully they will be bigger than MLG used to be
  3. Should I buy the digital version or go get a hard copy at midnight? I know if I buy the digital I can download the game in advance, but I kind of want a hard copy.
  4. This is awesome, but surely they will remake more competitive maps. 3 isn't enough!
  5. Cool I'll give it a try when I have time. Virtualbox is pretty easy to use
  6. I'm wandering if this will be worth the hassle, or if I should just continue using XBC
  7. What if we just ran a virtual version of Windows Vista and played the game through that?
  8. Good point, Idk it's not that big of a deal to me I want to play them all anyways..(-H4) But we can always play custom 8's on H2 or whatever we want
  9. This says 46 in Team Slayer, does that mean you are a 46 in Team Slayer for each game(1-4)? You can't be a 45 in Halo 3 Team Slayer and a 50 in Halo 2 Team Slayer? When searching for a game in matchmaking, can we search strictly for Halo 2? Or are we forced to choose from them all in a random variety kind of way? Either way I'm so glad the H2 ranks are back.
  10. Any word on a master chief collection edition Xbox One? Like the package deal with the Custom Xbox and Game, just like Reach had for the 360? I of course need both an Xbox One and The MC Collection, so was hoping maybe they had some special edition deal
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