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  1. The drama and tension tonight were palpable. While I'm kind of fair weather when it comes to watching tournys and stuff, if that was a sign of what's to come I'll definitely be more regular.
  2. Read your description for Halvalla on Forgehub, the development within the restrictions sounded like figurative hell. I'm really glad you pulled it off because the resemblance to the original is uncanny and it deserves to get into a BTB hopper immediately. Will be keeping my eye on your future work.
  3. Man, they're really going to have to rethink this sustain thing. If it takes them 4-5 years to make a game that has it all there with the modes, social features, et cetera than so be it. I'm so tired of this never ending decline, it's depressing as fuck. Only thing I can think to do now is for MS to just saturate the market with Halo spin offs and media entries to keep relevancy while main devs spend quite some time on the main entry. It'd be a risk, but we don't want to just slowly wimper out with less and less investments here.
  4. Now all you have to do is make your face cam 90% of the screen, act really obnoxious and there you go. Next twitch star, all hail.
  5. I would have just stayed in the side seat and seen where the ride would take me.
  6. I wouldn't really know where to begin on this. I mean Sword Base's objective was described to be "The stepson of prisoner and boarding action", so there are multiple ways to try to tackle that. I'd at least start with not having quick ways to get to high position, not the blue lift or the yellow lift that leads to 'grenades go here' room. Maybe have the top position improved as something worth fighting up the map for. While the Prisoner influences could have bridges connecting both sides maybe don't be afraid to be try out a few teleporters in there. I'd have to think about it, I don't really have a comprehensive idea how it'd all look and work.
  7. I agree that this game needs a lot and game types should be a big, big priority. (Apparently Quinn is the one to bother) I don't know what list you're looking at, it's at 6 for me, not ideal, but not 11th.
  8. I would say the campaign lengths have a lot to do with it games like Tomb Raider and Gears being 3 game campaigns, but 10 hours is kind of hard to excuse with the given the amount of people who usually just play campaign. A lot of you guys will say the game play first, social features later, but personally the social and varied experience is the big culprit for me.
  9. I'm about to see to see it in 50 minutes and I know nothing about it thankfully. Thanks, though, was about to check some unread messages on XBL before I left.
  10. This looks to be broken, obviously, but does your previous performance in pre-season have an effect on your season 1 rankings?
  11. Though kind of concerning that the average for Halo 5 was about 10 hours. I mean, given that I think a lot of players just like to play single player and a few matches, it still doesn't look good no matter how I'm spinning this in my head. I actually quite like Halo 5, not at all your traditional Halo, more like a cousin of sorts, but still something I can say I like, just lacks a lot of features comparatively.
  12. It tells me I have like 112 hours played. There is no way, no way with things like two weeks going by without an xbox or a week not playing because I was playing on my new computer. I mean I played a good amount of Halo 5, but as a rank 43 that doesn't made sense
  13. Hardly the point, you want to look cool and get the credit. I mean, as a society don't you think we've left things out of our lives that if we need to slow down and reconnect with as a species, things like style?
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