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  1. 7 minutes ago, Cursed Lemon said:

    I mean yes, the whole "I'll never get sick" rhetoric is one line of idiot logic. 

    But it's the fact that most of these people have private insurance - they literally pay for other peoples' health care already.

    I think this is the best argument for universal healthcare. That and 50% or so of the country already has Medicaid or medicare.

  2. Just now, Rick said:

    It still surprises me that people who live in areas that are hit by natural disasters don't have a little stockpile of supplies.


    Hell, I could live in my house for a week without any issues and I don't live anywhere that is in that big of danger.

    People that never drink water suddenly need 8 cases of water. There were several fist fights over water too. It's pretty funny

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  3. 23 minutes ago, gporter said:

    The eye itself is actually very calm, and the East side of the eye wall on a hurricane moving east to west is always going to have the strongest winds. Think of it like a 20 mile wide F4 tornado cruising along at snail speed. The rest of the storm field, while large, mostly has tropical storm force winds, which can include close to the eye if it’s on the weaker (west in Dorian’s case) side.

    So it's basically a fear porn statistic because all they say on the news is 185 mph winds!

    If it's such a small area they shouldn't broadcast the max winds just the realistic affects. We are sold out of water and everyone wants their oxycodone 2 weeks early.

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  4. 1 hour ago, F U N Z B O B said:

    coast Rica is on my list for 2020 as everyone says great things  about it, not sure what I can explore while visiting but I'm sure ill find something 

    They have live volcanos, mountains, and wild macaws everywhere. Outstanding fishing too. The rainforest has all the wildlife you can handle if that's what you're into. It's also 82 degrees year round so you can go whenever you want.

  5. 1 hour ago, Cursed Lemon said:

    The EPA or the FDA? 

    From what I understand from the person in charge of it ( mind you I work for a corporation and don't take the time to research the laws, I just do what I'm told) it's the EPA. The FDA is more concerned with the safety of drugs to the patient. I actually took the time to research and it looks like Phentermine is no longer on the FDAs list. https://www.epa.gov/hwgenerators/management-hazardous-waste-pharmaceuticals

    Maybe they should fire the person who sends those emails telling us what to do.

    Point being I'm all for the EPA stopping pollution. The environment is something I'm very left leaning on. But empty bottles being bagged, boxed and labeled is a little extreme.

    The government can have the right motivations but then you experience their regulations and have to ask yourself how they can be so fucking stupid. 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Cursed Lemon said:

    And yet I haven't heard a peep out of you regarding the dismantling of net neutrality, the gutting of the EPA, etc. 

    The EPA makes me take every empty bottle of warfarin and Phentermine and bag THEN box them and document the when how where etc.  We are not allowed to throw them in the trash. Why only those drugs? Why empty bottles? I get that the EPA is needed but I don't see how an empty bottle of warfarin is killing the environment.  


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  7. I'll go anywhere close and cheap that has good waves. I've been to Costa Rica twice and Puerto Rico once. I'm in love with Costa Rica. I want to retire there.

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  8. 1 hour ago, legendaryshotz said:

    No, I didn’t say that. Clear distinction of taxation for food stamps and aid vs you know, for war. Governmental redistribution of wealth would fall under taxation for food stamps and aid. A vast majority of people think this is important, as is social security, hence why we have those programs in place. Think of it this way -- it's more of a group donation so if shit ever hits the fan you know you're taken care of. Inb4 hurr durr if I stop paying taxes goobement comes with gun because that charitable tax at least for food stamps and unenployment is absolute crumbs to what you’re actually stuffing the government for in terms of payment (roads, hospitals, their dumb wars, etc.). Just unfortunate all of this is lumped into one word "Taxation" and you’re actually going to scapegoat a very small portion of your tax pie on something that helps people immensely and maybe someday (hopefully not other than social security) you’ll use. Going to boogie man the word tax now...sigh.

    Either way, you’re focusing on the stupid shit yet again vs ah yes, the “privatized redistribution” aspect. What could that possibly mean.

    It says wonders that when Democrats are in power they focus more on helping people and Americans, you know, what fucking Americans pay for into they system to expect their money to be used back onto them. Vs giving heavy tax breaks to the rich, or causing dumbass wars for oil, etc etc.

    Last point, I promise, every chariatable act is literally redistributing money, or goods, or services, from rich or well off or good enough to someone less fortunate than you. Goods and services both have monetary value attached.

    My personal belief is that philanthropy is independent of political ideology. I wouldn't necessarily say taxes used to help the poor is independent of charitable donations to the poor other than the choice. I just wanted to poke the bee hive because it's hilarious how partisan everything is.

  9. 34 minutes ago, legendaryshotz said:

    Pretty sure food stamps and safety nets exist for the sole purpose of being charitable and understanding people go through some shit and you shouldn’t just be left out in the cold.

    Either way you point is moot because it also says privately, clearly a distinction from governmental taxation, so I have no idea what you’re arguing here.

    So you think taxation is charity.

  10. 56 minutes ago, legendaryshotz said:

    Both private....and government...dude. Lmfao.

    You're telling me giving someone cash out of the kindness of your heart doesn't flake into "redistribution of money/wealth/whatever" in one way or another. Come the fuck on. Literally the definiton.

    This is research article speech and you're getting hung on the word "redistribution" because they're trying to be more professional than using the word "charity".

    Charity is optional, taxes isn't.

    So you would classify taxes as charity then?

  11. 10 hours ago, legendaryshotz said:

    “Ultimately, total levels of redistribution—both private and government—are higher in Democratic-leaning counties.”

    Aka not soulless ghouls

    That's not charity. Redistribution is taxes. So they are basically saying blue states paying more taxes = more Charity 😂


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