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  1. I've been really enjoying this game(even if it is a pubg rip off). And it's free.
  2. They have live volcanos, mountains, and wild macaws everywhere. Outstanding fishing too. The rainforest has all the wildlife you can handle if that's what you're into. It's also 82 degrees year round so you can go whenever you want.
  3. I'll go anywhere close and cheap that has good waves. I've been to Costa Rica twice and Puerto Rico once. I'm in love with Costa Rica. I want to retire there.
  4. It's almost as bad as Dexter. They should have just made John Snow a lumberjack.
  5. Because it's more competitive to arrive late after everyone has a gun and shields.
  6. I find myself not caring too much, which means the actual game itself is good. I would play it even without cosmetics
  7. True. Its about a 1-2 kd difference fat characters vs small characters for me. You can't miss a gibralter no matter how much they strafe. Maybe more health? IDK
  8. This game is amazing except the hitbox differences makes some characters trash.
  9. Jerk off before lifting. You get a better grip and your testosterone will be higher.
  10. It's gonna hot twisted towers because fuck that place
  11. When you have no awareness. https://xboxclips.com/PhArmAssists/33dcff28-0340-44c5-8f27-06b45865b355
  12. Camping is the wrong way to play fortnite like Eagleburn said. You have to move and loot or you will not win.
  13. Pubg on Xbox feels bad. From the controls to the frame rate. Fortnite is free and is so much better.
  14. Hopefully we can now get maps that promote movement. The majority of H5 maps give you the feeling that movement is a bad choice.
  15. pharmassists

    NFL Thread

    I dont like the Patriots. However Brady doesn't get the credit he deserves. He is the goat. The comeback against Atlanta should solidify him as the best there ever was. What QB would people take over Brady?
  16. Anybody notice an increase in assists? B/C it's hard to finish kills. It's like H3 with thrust and Sprint. My worst nightmare.
  17. Is there any chance these settings won't be universal?
  18. Who asked for this? It's just not fun and doesn't address what makes the game bad. Consistent weapons that fire straight is not a problem.
  19. Has anybody noticed that the aiming is a little better if you plug your controller in vs. using batteries? Could be placebo but feels better.
  20. You don't notice how bad the aiming is until you play other games for a while then come back. It feels like the aiming is different every game which is really strange. I don't remember it being that bad TBH.(haven't played in a year)
  21. If she died she would just be brought back next season

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