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  1. Anybody can add me for OW if you want. I play on Xbone. Tired of playing offense with 3 Hanzos...
  2. Got bored with this game fast. So much potential, but the battling and leveling system is stupid. Should have kept the turn based battle system. Added random TMs hidden in the real world. Ability to battle wild Pokemon. Ability to challenge a trainer within a mile radius. Experience to level up Pokemon, random NPC trainers that give you items if you win etc. Game could be fucking epic, instead its boring AF. The fun thing about Pokemon games was not catching wild Pokemon. It just wasn't, and to make that the basis of the game will be its downfall.
  3. This game won't last. Walked a mile because the map said a venasaur was nearby. I get to the vensaur, catch him then the game freezes. Boot the game back up and his ass is gone and I have a mile to walk back home. FUCK this game. You should be able to explore a limited area around yout location without actually having to get up and go there. The Japanese are calling us Americans fat. I want my damn Venasuar and the 12 pokeballs and 2 Raspberrys I through at his fat ass. Why doesn't the Pokemon incense work? It doesn't attract shit except ratatta, I have like 40 of them. Fuck this game.
  4. Not to mention we don't know the numbers for each playlist or the percentage of rank represented in each playlist. H3 had that.
  5. Ah because of the free thingy. I wouldn't suspect these players are high level arena players. So they wouldn't help.
  6. I wish. I would rather have party restrictions than super strict matching.
  7. Halo 3 rank was far from an accurate representation of skill. The disparity of skill amongst 50's was absurd. When H3's pop was low, the only reason you got games was because so many high ranked players were still playing. I highly doubt their are enough players around diamond,platinum,gold ranks to have fair matches.
  8. Games not even in the top 10 on a console that didn't sell well. Pop is low, and I would bet less than 20% play ranked playlist.
  9. 100% serious. They prioritize MM speed over skill. The first few months the game was stricter. If it was still that strict the wait would be longer. It doesn't matter because lopsided games have little effect on CSR.
  10. Why would they make bosses in warzone take so much damage to kill. It doesn't feel rewarding to fight bosses. You just shoot them until you're out of ammo while hiding when weak. Would be so much more entertaining if the enemies hunted you down instead. Also I would prefer coordinated deadly enemies with realistic health. I see so much missed potential here.
  11. The Golden arc is really like a prequel to the Berserk story. I'm glad after all this time we get an anime(sorta) after the Golden age. Can't wait for him to get the Berserk armor.
  12. You have games where everyone ignores it, and games where that's the first thing they destroy, and you spend the whole match swinging a hammer .
  13. Guess I won't be playing Torb anymore. Expect to see bastions and junkrats more. The only time torb is a problem is when you're on a shitty team, or a Reinhardt is protecting the turret (which could be said about any character). I have gotten a high number of kills with torb against good players but its not easy, you have to be smart and unpredictable with turret placement. The turrets go down quick to soldier, pharaoah and sniper. Anyway not to ramble, but yeah the Nerf is unnecessary.
  14. If PC has aim assist and you can compete with M+K than PC. (Controller noob)
  15. Its fun. Don't go based on commercials. Your wife won't judge you, heck maybe she will dress up as a tracer or widowmaker for you! That's on my birthday list ( Just need a widowmaker costume.)
  16. I like it when you're on attack and three people pick snipers :/. Then you're the only tank on the payload wondering where your team is. Searching solo is frustrating.
  17. The biggest problem of sprint is the effect it has on map design. Look at H5's garbage midship and H3/H2.
  18. I don't agree. There are so many defensive abilities and hiding spots that I would argue that holding forward is the worse thing you can do. Also radar.
  19. These videos are amazing. Worth a watch.
  20. Usually you can play on a higher send with longer sticks. My acc is set to 5. Also with the elite you can set your deadzones to zero. Its an awesome controller. Hope this helps.
  21. She is the best 1v1 character in the game, her or Mcree. They both are annoying but I have more trouble with Mcree, the stun hits you through walls.

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