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  1. Which is why they will design a computer algorithm that inevitably fucks everyone trying to be creative, including memes. Hey something else everyone agrees on. Article 13 is trash.
  2. The citizens of the EU didn't want article 13, so I think it has to be a corporate backed policy.
  3. It isn't perfect, but I've seen Obamacare help more than it hurts. Although premiums did go up on average, many people that couldn't get insurance were able to get it. I was strongly against it, but seeing it objectively from a healthcare perspective, I'm not as able to shit on it.
  4. Don't worry they said they won't target memes.
  5. Democracy is mob rule. *People from "land masses" are shaped by their environment and vote based on their needs and culture. They shouldn't be able to steam role other states just because they happen to be liberal and you like it. It's funny because after Obummer won you could find articles praising the EC. The only reason people are bitching is because Trump won. Bitching about the EC and the second amendment for that matter is pointless. It will never change, and promotion of those ideas guarantees Trump a second term.
  6. If you're talking about sanctuary cities you have a point.
  7. Electoral college prevents mob rule. What's good for New York and California may not be good for Kansas. It will always be there no matter how much liberals cry and think goodness.
  8. Don't worry, the moment a Democrat wins presidency the electoral college will be safe. At least until they lose after that.
  9. I find myself not caring too much, which means the actual game itself is good. I would play it even without cosmetics
  10. He went to France, didn't like what he saw. Felt like that would become ubiquitous, so he killed a bunch of people. Put the names of conservatives in his manifesto knowing they would be blamed by the media so that the right would feel ostracized, hopefully creating more alt-right in the process. That's my take anyway.
  11. True. Its about a 1-2 kd difference fat characters vs small characters for me. You can't miss a gibralter no matter how much they strafe. Maybe more health? IDK
  12. I watch and read so that I can determine if the media interpretation is correct. I wish I hadn't.
  13. The guy wants to divide and create a culture war and people are doing exactly what he wants.
  14. Their vote should match their worth. 1/16 per Mexican. 1/32 per Honduran. 1/8 for Costa Rican man. Of course if it's a female Costa Rican she gets 2 votes because probably a prostitute.
  15. This game is amazing except the hitbox differences makes some characters trash.
  16. I'm sure Niku thinks it has something to do with the facist coke brothers, or maybe Pepsi or some other soda pop boogie man. Personally I'm not sure just thought it was hilarious that he fucked up so bad. To be fair German Dam is a weird ass name.
  17. If there were 90 million or so people that would vote democrat but can't, wouldn't it be a smart move to make it happen? A better question is will the Democrats lose any votes? Last I checked Democrats think not allowing every human and humanoid to vote is racist. Smart move politically for the Democrats.
  18. That certainly has to elevate a person's ego to some level nearing a God. Maybe deep inside he knows but I can't imagine him being humble.
  19. No president can change North Korea because Kim thinks he is a God.
  20. Protecting speech a bad idea? I hope that isn't real.

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